4-Step Process for Higher Level Consciousness

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In my article on Starting A Coaching Business in 2021, we talked about Being the change we want to see. But this can feel pressurizing. Let’s discuss some things to keep in mind to prevent us from going insane.

AADC is a four-step process. It stands for awareness, acceptance, conscious choice, and detachment. These steps can allow us to live and perform at a higher level of consciousness.

Step 1: Awareness

The first step is awareness, if we don’t know what we don’t know, we won’t know what to do. It might be worthwhile to reflect on where we are right now and see to what extent our thoughts, feelings, and actions are working out for us. Something as simple as reminding ourselves to be more aware (in our own unique ways) can make a lot of difference.

Step 2: Acceptance

The next step is acceptance. I am sure you are aware of the different areas of your life that could be better but just can’t seem to do much about them right now. When we accept, we take responsibility for how our life turns out. It could be very convenient to blame someone or something for not being where we want to be, but accepting could allow us to make our life our own.

Step 3: Conscious Choice

By the virtue of the first two steps, we will be able to make more conscious decisions and start the process of creating the future, by using the power of now. Conscious choices are different because they are usually a response to a stimulus and not a reaction to them. A conscious choice is one where YOU control your thoughts and emotions, not the other way around.

Step 4: Detachment

And now, detachment. Being aware, accepting, and consciously responding to situations are likely to give ideal results. However, if we are attached to these ‘ideal’ outcomes, we may end up hindering our progress. Detachment from the outcome is a vital step because if we get unexpected results, we can end up retaliating to make things ‘right’. This would mean that we aren’t very accepting of how things turn out, resulting in our attachment to external outcomes controlling what we do and how we feel.

It is possible that we have to face situations today or tomorrow that do not seem to be in our favour, but we would always be ready for ANY situation if we don’t have an agenda or are detached from a particular outcome. This would make us more flexible, and a step closer to master orientation (being in the state of flow). Therefore, “plan it, intend it, and let it go’, you will be surprised by the results.

The Power of NOW

To summarize, there is no right or wrong outcome. Now is all there ever is, and the future only exists as imagination in our heads. Hence, focus on what you can change, and accept what you can’t. Believe in yourself, you are greater than you think you are.

Tushaar Chaudhary

Tushaar Chaudhary

I am a well-being and productivity coach with a vision to make the world more content, one person at a time. I consider myself to be in the miracle business as I witness my clients find their ‘AHA!’ moments, and create the magic they need to progress towards their personal and professional goals.


Tushaar Chaudhary

Tushaar Chaudhary

Tushaar is an ICF Accredited Life Coach specializing in well-being and productivity with the mission to make the world more content, one step at a time.


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