What is the Coach Guardian?

  • The Coach Guardian is a free online news site for practitioners all over the world who embrace life coaching.
  • It educates and entertains its readers.
  • It’s trustworthy, reliable, and credible.
  • It doesn’t take itself too seriously – we have fun, LIVE consciously, and continually evolve and that comes through the site.
  • We are contributing to the new earth and the new business paradigm that is currently unfolding, one that’s based on love, unity, and sovereignty.
  • Our featured columnists are experts in their subject area with 5+ years of proven experience in the subject they are writing on. They write a minimum of 12 articles in a 12-month period and align with our core values (see below).
  • Anyone can submit a one-off article to the Coach Guardian. Articles that are well written, that align with our vision will be considered for publishing.

Who’s Behind Coach Guardian?

Jenny Mitchell

Jenny Mitchell

Technical Director

Who is the Coach Guardian for?

It’s primarily for aspiring and professional life and business coaches.

They can be totally Woo Woo – out there or really logical and academic.

Coach Guardian cross-pollinates coaches from different disciplines by having interesting, entertaining, helpful and attractive information, in one place, that appeals to the whole spectrum. 

Our Core Values

  • Fun & Creative
  • Conscious living
  • Win, win, win
  • Ethical and sustainable
  • Conscious marketing
  • Force for good
  • Force for positive change
  • Real connection
  • Real value
  • Making a difference
  • Collaboration
  • Co-Creation
  • Disrupter (when needed)
  • Courage

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