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 The Coach Guardian is a free online periodical for coaches. Our mission is to bring together coaches from all over the world to navigate this constantly-evolving industry, and to become a catalyst in its evolution. We are here to take coaching to a new dimension.

Coaching is a humbling tool, a magical sword of truth that not everyone can wield.  But for those of us who can, we are the self-appointed guides influencing social change by serving as conduits for others to explore and discover themselves in this age of awakening. We invite you to join the #PureCoach Movement.

The Coach Guardian Author Gathering. We LOVE our authors!

We are excited to cross-pollinate ideas, stir the pot, and get a dialogue going – but all of this from loving intent, in a tactful way, graceful way that can truly impact others.

The Coach Guardian has evolved using Teal Organisation principles. We’re learning as we go and enjoying every minute of it!

We have Authors From All Over the World

If you don’t see where you live on the map, write a guest article for us!

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The Origin Story:

Co-founders Benay and Jenny met when they were living in Phuket in 2013. Jenny’s toddler came up to talk to Benay’s toddler at a Tex-Mex restaurant, and the rest is history! Jenny and Benay forged a strong friendship and learned that they have deeply complementary skill sets, which led to several collaborative projects. The Coach Guardian is their passion project.

Our Mission:

We want TCG to bring together coaches from all over the world to learn and share their knowledge. We want them to all feel included and seen and heard. We want every coach who visits our site to “feel” something – feel encouraged, or even triggered to grow in their business and life.


Co-founder - Curating Editor

Our goal with The Coach Guardian is to inspire coaches to come together in their true voice and figure out where we need to go next as the industry evolves. I believe we have the power as a collective to do that and I’m happy to be one of the forces leading the way.

I’m also really proud to help bridge the gap between academic coaching and more spiritual practices AND to be promoting and participating in organisations practicing Teal business principles – which I believe is the future I’ll pass down to my daughter.

Jenny Mitchell


Co-founder - Systems & Logistics

Over a year ago, Benay came to me with the idea of The Coach Guardian and asked me to join her on this amazing journey. My contribution would be to bring my organizational and Website Development expertise to the project and Benay would bring her wealth of coaching knowledge and creative genius.

Benay and I were able to use our ability to communicate with each other about anything and our talents to get our work done to make one of the most amazing projects and ideas come to life. I am really proud of the work we have done. It has been an absolute joy making a place for coaches to come and learn and evolve and feel. Thank you for reading The Coach Guardian. I am really glad you’re here.


Copy Editor & Author Liaison

I was called into The Coach Guardian when Jenny and Benay were looking for someone to edit the first batch of articles prior to the website launch scheduled for July 1st, 2020. Through the editing process, I deep-dove into every heartfelt article written by this incredibly diverse collective of authors, united in their authenticity. By the time I was done with 50+ articles, I felt like a new person, with a software upgrade. I quickly realized how special this project is and what a massive impact it is bound to create.

I’m incredibly excited to be able to utilize my skill sets to serve this beautiful love-child of two intelligent, strong, and creative women. Watching Jenny and Benay work together to brainstorm ideas, execute them, and solve problems is invigorating and inspiring. Our meetings always feature in my gratitude journal and are the highlight of my day. This is as close as I’ve ever gotten to my dream job!