Activation: a Conversation With My Pineal Gland

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According to the Mayan Astrology Guide, I am a “white world bridger”. I love the Mayan star signatures, for unlike the standard westernised astrology which has 12 sun signs, the Mayan has 19 signs with 365 unique configurations which speak to each calendar day! It is a wonderful tool for helping you to learn about your mission or purpose here on this planet. My world bridger mission is to assist humanity by helping ordinary folk to access and understand sometimes lofty and complex spiritual teachings. I’m here to distil these concepts into bite-sized servings of information that can be understood and assimilated.

In order to nurture your body while going through the ascension process, we will be called along the way to make choices, and to continue making choices each day that will either support or block our process. There’s also physiology involved. Enter the PIneal Gland, which is located deep inside the brain. There is an energy point at the base of the skull, or the top of the neck, and if you put your fingers there and feel the area you will find a little depression or indent. Then, move your fingers slightly higher. It’s about there. Give yourself a little massage. If you press firmly, you can usually get a sense of its presence in the body. If you don’t, will it to be so.

The pineal gland performs many important functions. It regulates our emotional body, our hormones, our hunger or lack of, addictive eating patterns, in fact all types of addictive patterns. It is a mood stabiliser and now, in popular schools of thought, is assisting in the ascension process that is happening right now on the planet, acting as a transmitter or antenna to the new and higher frequencies that are being recorded by science and felt in the body.


During my work as a Family Constellation practitioner, the word ‘regulation’ comes up A LOT. From the personal traumas of the past and consequences of unfortunate historical events, we are now being asked to FIND A WAY to BE WITH the past so that the body’s nervous system can regulate itself. Ironically, by regulating our system, the memories have less impact on the present, and we are freed from the ‘psychology of the wound’. Once this occurs, GRACE HAS SPACE to enter our soul. We have finally surrendered and let God’s hand win.

The pineal gland is the mother of all the other hormones. and she does her job naturally. There are LOTS of things we can also do to support the pineal gland to do her job. We can take matters into our own hands and ACTIVATE this gland if we feel like we need to shift or release something, upgrade our energy or clear something emotionally lingering in our system.

Intention is Key!

For the past three months, and perhaps because I was planning on writing this article, I have woken up every morning and said to my pineal gland, I intend to activate you today. Then I give it a little massage, wake her up and say good morning, Let’s go!

There are many things we can do to support the activation of the pineal gland, and hence our souls. But there are equally many things we can do that BLOCK the signals to it. Below is a list of things that support my own personal pineal gland activation. And that is not to say that my list will look the same as yours. It is your mission to find out what works for you, what “lights you up”, or what dulls your senses.

Activating My Pineal Gland

A combination of lemon water and Himalayan sea salt always cleanses my field. It makes sense as salt is a conductor and therefore CARRIER of information. And with the essence of lemon, I find clarity in my perceptions.

Nature and her nature spirits always bring me to a connection point. In close observation, I notice colours that are practically luminescent. I feel textures and temperatures, listen to the noise and silence of nature in all her majesty. I pay attention to the selves that live there: the birds, the insects and the animals.

I have a 10-month old puppy and HE IS MY JOY! Every day, we play. First up, he jumps on me and drags me out of bed. He’s ballsy and unafraid. He feels like velvet and is also a snuggle pup. He is just soooo good for my pineal gland. I now go to bed early because of Bailey!

Time out of time is a phrase I use when I am giving myself permission to just be in the moment. In these times, I allow myself absolute and complete permission to stay in my PJs for the day, turn my phone off, eat what I like, watch what I like, feel EVERYTHING. The idea is that I am free from any and all commitments to the third-dimensional world and instead I respond to what my “other world” wants. Often there are songs, writings, ideas and inspirations that come into these more feminine days. I’ll usually take these days when it rains, or when I feel I need a reboot.

Water, and more water as long as its filtered! I cannot drink water with chlorine in it. In fact, I’d rather be thirsty.

Sitting or lying in the sun totally helps me to clear whatever I’m holding. The sun’s rays will melt fear, restore beauty, dissolve shame and soothe anger. Also sun-gazing activates your pineal gland. Just five minutes a day will have a huge effect, says Jack Kruse, who is an advocate of this healing method. If you want to go down a rabbit hole check him out.

Singing, dancing, moving my body, making things up. Usually these things all happen at the same time! Just a little spontaneous session I’ll have with myself when energy is really flowing. Sometimes, I’ll record the moments because they are often seeds in them that I can plant later. Sometimes, a song is born from these play sessions. It’s a great freedom to just express yourself for fun!

Binge-watching movies and TV shows that activate my soul. I’ll often spend more time looking for the right show to watch than actually watching them because it’s GOT to be something that teaches me, activates my soul or helps me to access a feeling. Some of my favourites are: The Matrix, Avatar, True Blood, True Detective, Messiah, Game of Thrones, Sense8, Outlander, Groundhog Day, Westworld (first season only).

So what deactivates the pineal gland? Stress would have to be the first cab off the rank in all its forms: anxiety, overwhelm, mental and physical stress, time stress, relational stress and financial. Really, anything that activates your nervous system into fight or flight.

Dehydration will also start to shut your system down. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re a little off-centre, find your water bottle and quench your body. Sometimes it takes the brain a little while to catch up. This is particularly a problem for those of us who struggle to remain in our body, hence are disconnected from natural body mechanisms.

Alcohol deactivates our pineal gland, dehydrates the system, inhibits our leptin levels leading to overeating and also feeds unhealthy sugar-eating bugs in our body, such as candida.

Find out for yourself what activates you and brings you into alignment with yourself. What lights you up? What turns your pineal gland on and what brings you joy. It will be unique for each of us, with similar themes. There’s no right or wrong. The purpose of your noticing is to create choice in your expanding awareness.

Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears

In all of my work, my intention is to help people find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever-increasing pace.
Gratitude is the Beginning…

Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears

In all of my work, my intention is to help people find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever-increasing pace.
Gratitude is the Beginning…

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