Are we there yet?

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The short answer is a big, fat NO.

For those of you who are only interested in the headlines, point form, and memes to parrot without actually doing the inner work, we’re done here. Move along. You’ve got busy stuff to do. Chop, chop.


This is for those of you who have realised that no matter where “there” is, upon one’s arrival, it becomes the next “here”. It doesn’t matter if you are a client searching for meaning, a student with a set of skills you’re not quite competent in, a bona fide therapist with stellar qualifications recognised worldwide and you are not only top of your game but top of the peer pole or you’ve got a nod from your local support group or you’ve just lived through something and you understand it and can translate it for others to understand. Here and there. There and here. It’s a never ending cycle.

Groundhog Day

take a leap

So often, we revisit the same “here” over and over again without ever making it to another “there”. Or we find ourselves at a “there” we don’t like. Not because we’re keen on the cycle but because we have yet to learn the lesson involved … whatever it may be. Groundhog Day, without the luxury of being the outside observer, if you will. The name of the game would appear to be that the more aware you are the quicker the lesson becomes transcendent. It does NOT mean that once you have completed a lesson or set of lessons (defined by whom?) you can sit back and enjoy an uncomplicated life. You will be assigned lesson after lesson until you die. It doesn’t end. No therapist on earth makes the rules. EVER. Awareness is the name of the game. And as for the rules, it would appear that they’re open to interpretation.



So what is this awareness malarkey? Why is it so important? Why do we miss the point so often? When do we need to ask for help? Do we even know how? Who do we ask? How do we differentiate between the crackpots and genuine therapists? When we finally do have some understanding of the lesson, do we truly recognise it? If not, how do we ask intelligent, grounded and salient questions when the answer is finally reduced down to tear-filled fear-filled “I don’t know”? Oh my! A paragraph of questions when, in reality, it is a joyful lifelong quest of questions.

By doing inner work on ourselves each and every day, WITHOUT FAIL, we figure out who we are, what our purpose is and what we are going to do about it. Sometimes inspiration strikes. Sometimes a good therapist is required. We all know that one kid who asked so many questions when we were young. Being with them felt like being at an inquisition but, gee, we learned stuff we would not have normally learned. Y’know, a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon walk into a bar…

Create Your Own Path

Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone had a rule book for every occasion. A guide for the lost and lonely. A pamphlet for the impatient. A video for the non-readers. A guru – because personal responsibility can be fraught with danger. The list goes on. Each has its place in this world. What you choose is definitely up to you. Choose wisely and when all else fails, read the instructions. And, no, we’re not there yet.

Anne Brewer

Anne Brewer

Registered kinesiologist, RAW practitioner, CEC, Storyteller. Soon I’ll add some more alphabet letters to my name because I love to learn and share.

Anne Brewer

Anne Brewer

Registered kinesiologist, RAW practitioner, CEC, Storyteller. Soon I’ll add some more alphabet letters to my name because I love to learn and share.

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