Easy Self Care Tips for Coaches

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Self Care Isnt SelfishOver the past couple of months, as the world has been dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic, I, like many of you used some of my free moments traveling through my Facebook News feed. I have over 1,600 Facebook friends and I can honestly say, I’ve probably had conversations with just about every person in my feed. I’ve worked with a lot of people. There are a number of coaches, holistic practitioners and those that are in service-oriented businesses connected to me. Looking at their posts, I realized we need some very real self-care!

Self-care is the practice of taking care of your own health. Most of us know the emergency directions given to us when we take a flight. They always say “If the cabin loses air pressure, a mask will drop down from above… Please put the mask on yourself before helping anyone else around you”. Now, this makes sense when you think of it. But the truth is, if the person sitting next to you is your ten-year-old, for many, their first instinct would be to secure the child’s life first. A lot of good that will do if you pass out while trying!

Taking care of yourself is as important to the success of your coaching business as the ability to breathe is to living. I’m hoping that as I share tips for easy self-care from my self-care toolbox, You will be inspired to brainstorm a few of your own.

Easy Self-care tips to balance stress


Exercise is a fantastic way to destress and get healthy. I’m a lover of walking. Whether it’s a walk in the park, an aerobic walking video or a ten minute dance off to step away from my computer, when I move my body, I simply feel better. What type of exercise do you enjoy? Is it swimming? Biking? Sports related? Whatever it is, make sure you get a form of exercise daily.


Tree MeditationAnother way to balance stress is meditation. This one can be difficult for some. The idea of sitting for 15 minutes chanting a mantra is not everyone’s thing, but there is truth to the idea that sitting still can be helpful to our mind. There are all sorts of meditations available these days. Finding something that works for you shouldn’t be that hard. I personally enjoy sitting on my back porch in the morning with nothing but the chirping birds and the wind in the trees to hear. Some people prefer music, especially binaural beats for meditation. Others use this time to focus on prayer or to be in nature. Whatever you want to do is right for you and spending just a few minutes of your day in meditation can help you destress and become more clear-minded.


Did you know that the Sleep Foundation (www.sleepfoundation.org) recommends that adults aged 26-64 get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night? When your body gets enough sleep, it is able to work at an optimal level because it heals with rest. Sleep can help our brain function properly, aid in our metabolism and even help prevent disease. If you struggle with getting the required amount of sleep, try to take a nap during the day. Even 15 minutes makes a big difference.

Relieve Stress by saying No!

Have you ever agreed to do something only to realize you should have said no? UGH! There is nothing like that feeling! I used to have the Yes disease. I would hate it when I signed up for something I didn’t really want to do. The stress showed up as very tense feelings and sometimes even anger. Saying no is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the person asking.

Easy Self Care tips for joy and inspiration

Spend time with those you love (or just like a lot)

I’m an introvert at heart, however, I love hanging out with people I enjoy. These days it’s usually virtual, but still so much fun. Foster your relationships with your friends and family by planning time with at least 1 person every week. Whether it’s a virtual cocktail, cooking healthy meals with your kids or an easy conversation about “a bunch of nothing”, this time of connection with your people can sometimes be the joy you need.

Color your world

Choose JoyI am inspired by color. You would think that my house would have lots of colored walls, but it doesn’t. My walls are white, but my house has color all over. Especially my office which hosts my leaf green sofa and a butterfly painting that seems to have at least 10 different colors and multiple shades of hot pink! I’m so grateful that I don’t know what a world without color is like. For me, unexpected pops of color are a delight and bring a smile to my face. So I add color with furniture, pillows, accessories, whenever I can.

And speaking of color, what about coloring books? Since my days as a child I’ve loved my coloring books. As an adult, I love crayons and colored pens and an opportunity to let my mind be free. A 15 minute color break can make a big difference in my day.

Make it part of your daily plan

As you can see, self-care does not have to be hard and it doesn’t have to require a lot of time. In fact if done properly, whether a short walk or a lengthy vacation, it will simply be a way of life for you. Hopefully some of my ideas have ignited your imagination. My strong suggestion is that you brainstorm your own ideas and add them to your self-care toolbox (to be used right away). Your clients will be happy you did.

Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath has been coaching since 2007. Her passion is helping people discover their Spiritual DNA.


Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath has been coaching since 2007. Her passion is helping people discover their Spiritual DNA.


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  1. Veketia Pierce

    Thanks Coach Kim! Excellent suggestions. We take it for granted helping others and barely think about helping ourselves. I appreciate the gentle reminder.

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