Finding Your Own Treasure Chest

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Occasionally I meet people who seem lost. They just don’t really have a clear direction or path that is their very own.

I’m always surprised. I’m surprised because in my own life, there is just SO MUCH I want to experience, achieve and do. Even if there were four of me, I’d probably never reach the finish line.

And so I ponder what’s the difference between me, who seems to have a strong sense of purpose and a clear direction, and someone who does not?

Occasionally I sit down with these people and we chat. But I will never know what someone else’s purpose is. I guess that is a very intimate relationship you have with your own soul. And there’s no way anyone can tell you what your direction can or should be. I do, however, have a nose like a dog, and I can always smell flavours. These flavours give indications as to what may possibly be in the way.

So, from here on in, when you ask me why you can’t find your direction in life, I will probably steer you towards what is blocking you from yourself.


Did you know that those difficult, heavy, molasses-type energies that weigh you down like lead bricks are actually bricks of solid gold? How about the ones that make you bubble over like a volcano and sometimes ignite your passions so deeply that you feel like you could ‘kill’ someone and be justified in doing so? How about the ones that make you want to hide and not be seen at the supermarket, so much so that you would rather slip into another aisle than make eye contact with someone you know? And how about the ones that make you just feel meh, no comment. I could not even be bothered mentioning how I feel. All of these places we find ourselves in, did you know that they’re God’s gifts to your soul?

Why are they gifts you may ask?
We are HU_MAN BE_INGS. Hu(e) = colour. The different states of emotions (or colours) are what define and give form to the different colours of the soul. How boring would it be if we were permanently green or yellow? We are ALL colours vibrating differently at different times of the day.

If we were to have no colours and therefore no emotions at all, we would be lacking in resonance and that means we would be lacking in substance, personality, desire, and passion.

All of us colour-men down here have become reasonably adept at containing our colours in order to avoid being messy. And so, by condition (not design), we have been very clever and even tricky in turning ourselves down.

Pack all that shit away and put it in a box and up on a shelf.

The problem now is that any passion or inspiration, direction or purpose that existed in our DNA at birth, including the gifts and talents that were passed down through our familial line, are also in that box!

Time To Unpack

Yep, it’s time! More now than ever, we have stuff to do, choices to make and seeds to plant. If there was ever a more exciting time to be on this planet in history, it is now. We are about to make the shift from a three-dimensional reality to a fifth-dimensional reality, and I can promise you, if you don’t unpack your box, you’re not coming.

And as you unpack your box, which I’d like to invite you to rename your treasure chest, you will find four gifts from God. Do not underestimate the power of these gifts, for they are all portals into the kingdom of eternity. They are all doorways for your soul’s healing and therefore progression. They are the keys to your own enlightenment, otherwise known as immortality. Am I freaking you out? I hope so!

What’s Inside?


It’s been there for a while. It’s either sitting dormant inside you or maybe you have been throwing it around unnecessarily. Perhaps it has become twisted and confused inside your own mind so you use it to fuel your hatred and judgements of others, Perhaps you have been using it to judge yourself.

Some people call it frustration. But in its pure form, it is anger. Anger in its shadow, or gapped rage as I sometimes call it, can be activated when you feel like you are losing control. You can also use this energy to gain control over another.

Here is anger in all its forms: irritation, frustration, snappiness, irritability, reactivity, aggression, anger, rage.

Time to get clean with it and name it for what it is. All souls have anger, our red hue. So take it out of the box and polish it like a precious stone and sit it out on the table. There it is. It is more loving to name and claim it, than to let it toxify your thought processes. Once it’s out, you can be with it in a more honest way.

And once you can own your anger honestly, you will receive the gifts it holds. Clear boundaries is one of the gifts gleaned from anger.

And that is the soul’s way of claiming sovereignty which supports a deeper sense of connection to yourself.

Another gift healthy anger brings is the gift of Power. Anger is a FORCE, and when used for good and not evil, it will fuel the most arduous task and carry you the distance. conscious anger = harnessed energy.

How does your anger show up in your life? What does it teach you?How does your anger invert or hide? what behaviours do you notice?


Sadness is a blue thermometer. It starts at meh, discontent, unhappiness, sadness, grief, devastation (deva-station)

It was very easy to express our unhappiness when we were children, but for some reason an element of shame has associated itself with sadness in today’s society. And, again, it’s not cool and so we stay away from it AND our friends, our family and those who love us. Eventually if sadness is suppressed for long enough, it can commonly lead to depression and disillusionment. At the extreme end of the sadness spectrum, without a healthy unpacking, lives suicide. So how the hell is this a gift you may ask?

Having a healthy relationship to your own sadness is a beautiful way to GROUND your energy and touch down on the Earth. It allows us to evaluate and re-evaluate. What’s not working? Why do I have these feelings and how could my life be different.

If anger was a man, sadness is definitely a woman. She is reflective, receptive and open to movement. While she may not have answers, she at least has the SPACE now. The answers will come later.

The emotion of sadness could finally mean NO to something that was no longer working. It could also mean a YES to something we have been avoiding. Grief opens another portal for the soul to move toward a more connected and aligned position within a fifth-dimensional reality. There has just been SO MUCH to grieve. Our childhoods, the devastation of the planet, the injustice humans endure and the very common, shadowy ill-treatment experienced in family homes and behind closed doors.

There is so much for us all to grieve. And when we grieve with an open and willing heart, we are releasing. And when we release, we make space, and when there is space, FINALLY we are receptive to something more, something better.

The healthy expression of sadness opens the doorway to receptivity, clears old attachments and paves the way for something new.

Explore your relationship to your own sadness. what does that look like, how do you self-soothe, where does it come from and what are the triggers? How do you behave when your sadness is inverted (denied)?


“And they called him yellow.” Some wise old cowboy could probably see the HUE in the aura of the terrified outlaw he was about to shoot! But he was right.

Fear resonates a yellow aura and is often held in the kidneys and gallbladder (for more see Annette Noontil’s book, The Body is the Barometer of the Soul)
Fear also has “levels” beginning at cautious, worried, anxious, afraid, terrified.

Personally, I feel most of Western society carries fear. Our Baby Boomers (my parents) had parents who lived through at least one world war. And if you were the baby of Baby Boomers, you were probably brought up in a household with parents who SUPPRESSED their fear to some degree. As children we will always carry, usually UNCONSCIOUSLY, what our parents suppress. Fear and anxiety (like all emotions) have a frequency similar to the buzz of you get after drinking a coffee in the morning.

Do this experiment. Ask someone you know to stop drinking coffee for a week and notice their immediate reaction. It will be fear followed by, “I could, but I’m not going to”.

Fear in its allowed and healthy state is a PROTECTOR. It tells us when we are potentially in harm’s way. Fear keeps us safe. It is a wise parent that knows the waters are shark-infested ahead and so keeps us on the boat. The problem is that if we do not have a HEALTHY relationship with our fear, we may stay on the boat forever and never learn to trust the waters when they ARE safe. More often than not, there were no sharks.

Fear is often just the frequency we feel when we are about to embark on some sort of change. It is an indicator that the soul is about to grow. And we will need fuel to make these changes, so use fear as an energy, feel it, and do it anyway. Somebody should write a book about that.

Fear in its inverted state (suppressed) will come out as arrogance, detachment, aloofness, judgement, avoidance and dissociation.

Explore your fear. What fears do I still carry from childhood? What behaviours do I have that attempt to manage my fear? What behaviours have I learned to avoid my fear?


Shame is hardly spoken about. It’s the lowest vibration of all the emotions in our treasure chest. In fact the only thing lower than shame is death. (For more, see the Richard Dawkins book, Power vs Force)

We don’t need to dig too deeply to find our shame wounds. A general lack of adequate parental attention can activate a well of shame so deep in the heart of a child, it can take a lifetime to resolve. Children will hold themselves at fault if they experience the loss of a parent who leaves or abandon the family unit. And those emotions are often carried as deeply unconscious shame wounds.

Shame that is not accessed in a healthy way becomes toxic. It will create pathways in the brain such as, ‘Why do I not deserve love, I must not be worth it’, ‘it’s my fault, there MUST be something wrong with me’.
That is toxic shame speaking and the problem we have here is that shame is sneaky, so it’s really hard to set straight and resolve. In fact, in my experience it was the hardest of ALL the emotions to access.

This is because collectively there is just so much denial that we even have any shame. But when you look at the blatant inequality and injustices on the planet, and the ongoing disconnect we choose to play out, this is our toxic shame in play. It shows up as behaviours like detachment, disassociation, ignorance, dishonesty, justification, self-righteousness, heartlessness and narcissism.

But why did God endow us with the emotional gift of shame? Felt in a healthy way, shame guides the heart. When we have missed the mark, caused somebody harm by being less than loving, shame speaks. If we listen to shame, we will make amends. If we do not, we will continue to override others but, more importantly, ourselves. Shame is a guide for right and wrong.

In varying degrees, shame is experienced as insecurity, unworthiness, self-doubt, embarrassment, guilt, toxic shame, suicidal.

Get to know your own shame “style” and listen to what he has to say. It’s the best and possibly the final piece of emotional work you will ever do on the journey toward reclaiming your own soul and activating your fullest potential.

And now that all these GIFTS are out of the box, play with them each day, take ownership for them as nobody else can, and ask yourself again, what is my soul’s mission?

Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears

In all of my work, my intention is to help people find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever-increasing pace.
Gratitude is the Beginning…

Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears

In all of my work, my intention is to help people find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever-increasing pace.
Gratitude is the Beginning…


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