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We love offering you the opportunity to write for the Coach Guardian which will in turn showcase you as a prominent expert in your field – on the site itself and in our social media campaigns.

What’s the catch?

Our vision of Coach Guardian to be an amazing site that coaches want to read, we need AWESOME content from AWESOME people – like you! All we ask is that you share your published article on the social media channels you use. We have seen time and again that the posts shared on the authors’ social media channels perform the best. It’s a win-win!

What’s next?

If you would like to be involved with the Coach Guardian as an author here’s what we need from you: 

  1. Your chosen category (For example: Coach Skills, Getting Clients, Technology, Business Setup, Self-Care).
  2. 3 keywords for your article or one key phrase (ex. Online coaching business, email marketing success, etc).
  3. Your article title, including your 3 keywords in it or your key phrase.
  4. A short summary of your article that has your 3 keywords or key phrase in it (up to 150 characters).
  5. You have used subheadings in your article (approximately every 200 to 400 words for clear readability).
  6.  Each subheading includes at least 1 of your keywords or parts of your key phrase.
  7. You have included 3 images (600×400 px) with your article – sourced from images that you own or from pixabay.com or unsplash.com.
  8. You have filled out the form below and submitted all information needed.
*Please be aware that if all of the above are not completed, your article cannot be accepted. Thank you so much!*

You can download this checklist here:

Author Information

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Please upload your headshot in .jpg or .png format

Article Information

Please include 3 keywords, or one key phrase (4 words or less)
Make sure this includes your keywords/key phrase
1-2 Sentences with your keywords/key phrase
Article should be formatted with sub headers every 300-500 words that may utilize the keywords/key phrase you have chosen. Please upload your article in .doc or .docx format

Provide 3 images for your article that are owned by you or found on pixabay.com or unsplash.com.

Images should be 600px x 400px

Image files must be uploaded in .png or .jpg format
Image files must be uploaded in .png or .jpg format
Image files must be uploaded in .png or .jpg format

Please read and make sure that you understand and agree to our Guest Author Terms and Conditions