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I was recently introduced to Dawn Breslin, the creator and founder of a ground-breaking emotional wellbeing coaching and healing process called, Harmonizing.

A BIG thank you to fellow TCG author Dr Sue Palmer-Conn for introducing me to Dawn! Xox

Dawn has been in the personal development industry for over 20 years and in that time has experienced two big phases in her coaching career:

  • First half Dawn ended up being primarily led from outside pressure, bright lights and shiny things. It ended in total burnout, debt and the absolutely essential need to do things differently in business from here on out.
  • Now Dawn is about preserving presence first, honoring natural cycles, cultivating stillness and being led by the wisdom within.

This is a pattern I can relate to in my coaching journey and I thought you might too. If you are interested in doing your business differently, you’ll love Harmonizing.

If you’d like to watch my unedited interview with Dawn Breslin you can do that on our YouTube Channel.

If you want to just listen, check out my podcast, Coach Pep Talk.

Or if you prefer the cliff notes version, I’ve summarised our interview below.


Harmonizing YouTube

Who founded Harmonizing?


It all started with Dawn running her own very successful coaching company in the UK in the early 2000’s. Dawn was one of the UK’s leading personal development coaches and regularly featured on TV and news. She was a Hay House Author who regularly attended red carpet events, and was connected into the who’s who of the personal development elite. Dawn was at the peak of her career!

Looking back it’s so clear to her that she was utterly stressed and so exhausted (a clear sign of being out of alignment with your true soul’s path). And that’s when it all started to unravel…piece by piece.

From there 23 individual catastrophes unfolded in Dawn’s life. At the end she was at rock bottom, “I had no business, no identity and no goals. I had enough money to pay my bills but was 100K in debt.”

Despite having “lost everything” there was a moment that Dawn can still vividly recall that changed the course of her life and happiness and put her on the path of Harmonizing.

She remembers sitting in her garden with nowhere to go and nothing to do – because she had closed down her coaching business. In that moment she experienced a profound sense of peace, “This is what it feels like to be unplugged – OMG – all the noise is gone – this is it – I’ve arrived.”

That’s when Dawn landed herself – into Presence.

She’d never known that place before. This was just as good if not better than being on the red carpet!

Dawn Coffee

Over the next two years Dawn spent more time in nature with one persistent, burning question in the back of her mind, “How many people are like me – burned out – how do you HEAL burnout – get people back on track?”.

She also saw healers and read many books. One really impactful book was The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. Danielle poses the question, “What if to grow we just had to feel 5 words?”. This inspired Dawn to choose and consciously observe 5 words that resonated the most for her. These were: peace, poetry, calm, wonder, freedom. She created a mini vision board, followed these 5 words, and started to grow.

She started to intuit a process. By looking at nature and asking questions like, “How does nature survive adversity? When the oak tree falls over the river how does it get back on track?” Still in nature she started noticing the answer, “It just gets back up from where it is. It doesn’t try hard. They just begin again the next day. Seasons and cycles – everything in nature goes through cycles of growth, rest and repair. Rhythmic and natural beginnings and endings.”

Dawn hardly takes credit for the lessons because she said it felt like God was working through her. Dawn was surely tapped in to something greater. In the book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert calls it Universal Intelligence. That resonates!

By 2016 Dawn had a powerful, step-by-step process of self-enquiry and life re-design. She could guide people to maximise wellbeing by healing and transforming stress, exhaustion, fear, insecurity, overwhelm and general life stuck-ness.

Harmonizing was born.

Harmonizing Pyramid Chart

What is it that makes Harmonizing so transformational?

What if WE could accept what is? Not always aiming for summer? By always striving we put pressure on the system.

The process helps us to align with our true self and our natural energetic rhythm. It aligns us fundamentally with our true nature and allows us to grow and thrive sustainably.

A big part of the process is realigning with your inner child and to be able to observe the essence of who people really are.

The remembering of who they are – Harmonizing ignites this flame of remembering by creating a nurturing environment internally (thoughts) and externally (people in your life, environment).

Harmonizing looks at 5 main levels of being:

  • Essence – know thyself – trust – who you are
  • Soil – thoughts people in your life, environment (protect her)
  • Energy sustain self – cycles growth rest repair
  • Heart – what does she need to grow (5 words)
  • Flow – serendipity

The by product of the process is increased confidence, resilience, energy and clarity of purpose. The process is truly life transformational.

Organically like a flower.

Learn more about the Harmonising process.

What type of presenting problem is Harmonizing perfect for?

The process has been widely used for corporate overwhelm, burn out and stress however it is also used very successfully as a 1:1 coaching process or as a framework for workshops and retreats. It’s had a profound impact in charitable sectors working with clients post rehab, women’s aid, long term unemployed, cancer, and M.E groups. Harmonizing Class

How easy/hard is it for someone to create a business from Harmonizing?

This is a life redesign tool which can enhance anyone’s life. Marketed correctly it is easy to integrate into any coach, therapist or holistic practitioners business model.

What type of person should seriously consider training in Harmonizing?

Coaches therapists, heart based individuals working with people who are emotionally stuck or struggling. Coaches interested in emotional intelligence and healing.

Psychological soul healing.

Is there a Harmonizing certification?

We offer a Certificate in Emotional Wellbeing Coaching.

How can people read more about Harmonizing?

Harmonizing Magazine CoverDawn Breslin has created the work however it has roots in Taoism, Spiritual principles, Nature based philosophy, Heart Centred Coaching and Personal Development.

It’s work checking out the absolutely stunning Harmonizing Life Magazine. I download the Summer issue, which helps me align more with the energy and pace of summer (BTW – I’m in the Southern Hemisphere so even though it’s Febuary, we are still experiencing Summer heat)!

Dawn recommends the book, The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and any work by John O’Donohue who is an Irish priest and poet. He writes about the soul’s relationship to the earth, what beauty really means, and beauty in the divine way. You can check out her reviews of some of his work in our Book Reviews.

How can someone experience a Harmonizing session?

Dawn doesn’t do much one-on-one coaching anymore but you can find a number of Harmonizing coaches listed on her website at www.harmonizing.com.

What is your #1 advice for Coaches today?

Take your life experience, passion (what really interests you) and combine those to niche in an area of coaching.

For example if you were abused as a child and had a difficult life, and went through therapy, and made a full recovery, then you are in a unique position to use the soul gift of experience you have been through and to use it in that area.

I believe that our soul lessons are what uniquely give us tremendous wisdom and tools to genuinely help people.

What is your definition of success?

  1. Balance. I must have balance. I have to have free time – My life was for everyone else before the breakdown. I absolutely prioritise myself now.
  2. Fulfillment. I follow my passion and am deeply fulfilled in how I spend my time and my life
  3. Love.

What are you grateful for?

Overwhelmingly the biggest thing I am grateful for was the collapse of everything in my life. Everyday I am grateful for that. I worked really hard and was under a lot of pressure all my life, and now I can breathe. I’ve got space, I’ve got money, I’ve got abundance. It’s all flooding back in. So the adversity that brought me to this point. I am grateful for that.

If you could only share 3 truths about life with your nearest and dearest, what would they be?

  1. There is a force in the universe that is working with you if you let go and trust. You are not alone; this is not all happening by coincidence. There is a bigger intelligence at play – the intelligence in your body, your psyche. It permeates your being. All you have to do is be quiet and you’ll hear it and feel it in your body.
  2. You’re capable of enduring and achieving much more than you could ever imagine. Your capacity is infinite. You get so scared for making changes in giving something up and letting something go, but you are SO capable of coping, of dealing with things that you never thought you could. We know that in retrospect but we don’t know that in the moment. Our creativity is infinite, but we haven’t played with it enough to really even learn about who we are and what we are capable of. So never limit yourself. Once you get into flow, your potential is vast.
  3. The value of love in our lives – when you find love, or even with our children, every single day we’ve got an opportunity to love harder, to love more. To make the effort. To pay attention to the detail. So often that gets swept away, but we can keep love alive if we pay attention to it. It is the fabric of a joyous and a wonderful and a beautiful life. It’s there, and we all deserve it.

What’s your view?

  • Is Harmonizing a tool you have in your coaching toolbelt?
    Is it one you might like to add?
  • Do you have any books, websites, case studies, schools you’d like to add into the mix? 💗
Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! I love helping coach changemakers shine their Light, even more, in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable projects including Ready-Made Coaching Tools, The Coach Guardian, My Coach Office, and my One-to-one, 4-week, Re-Ignite Program (for tenured Changemakers in Transition).


Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! I love helping coach changemakers shine their Light, even more, in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable projects including Ready-Made Coaching Tools, The Coach Guardian, My Coach Office, and my One-to-one, 4-week, Re-Ignite Program (for tenured Changemakers in Transition).


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  1. sue palmer-conn

    What a fabulous article about a fabulous process. I gained personally from completing the course and it has enhanced my own coaching practice especially for women who have gone through the trauma of divorce. To get them back in harmony through my FRESH start programme which combines passion mapping with harmonizing is so powerful

    1. Benay Dyor

      That sounds amazing Sue. I’d love to hear more how you are combining passion mapping with harmonizing for women who have gone through the trauma of divorce!

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