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Coaching has much to offer, but the industry faces a dilemma in helping people live a better life.

On the one hand, there are many trained coaches needing clients, and, on the other hand, there are so many people in the world suffering who aren’t getting support. In other words, coaches aren’t reaching the many people who could use their help.

To me this is a sign that something is out of alignment. It’s a sign that something needs to shift in the coaching industry.

A part of the role of The Coach Guardian is to help coaches come together. In the process, we can discuss what’s working and what’s not ─ so we can collectively make a difference in a bigger way (something that almost every coach I talk to wants to do!).

In my exploration of this topic as the Curating Editor of The Coach Guardian, I’ve met with several influential coaches with ideas on how we can expand as an industry. Themes are starting to bubble to the surface. One such theme is to evolve from Pure Coaching into Holistic Coaching.

Holistic Coaching is a hybrid model that integrates coaching and healing modalities for ultimate, deep, lasting transformation all the way through (body, mind, soul).

This idea rang true with me so I set out on a quest to investigate who’s working with Holistic Coaching. I found a few groups that didn’t resonate at all, but I found one that was exactly what I was looking for: training offered by Awakenings Institute.

Change from my usual format

In my previous articles I’ve reached out to people and modalities I already knew and trusted on some level. So I sent them some questions and let them fill in the blanks and that was the article.

In this situation, I was stepping into the unknown, a search that led me to Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountroses’ offerings at Awakenings’ Institute. I was really curious to meet and feel into the energy of Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose and their mission.

I thought you might like to join me on the ride, so I recorded the Zoom interview and we’ve posted it, unedited, on our Youtube Channel.

I’ve also summarized some of the key points for you below.

Zoom Call holistic

Watch the full unabridged video interview on our Youtube channel https://youtu.be/2MODevjDWO8

Who founded Holistic Life Coaching & Healing?

In 1980 a young married couple had the things they wanted in the sense of material wealth and career success. She was an architect and he was an educator. They had the house, the cars, the vacations… but somehow there was still a sense that life was not really working. They were missing a sense of “Aliveness”.

This awareness of the need to feel alive started Jane and Philip on a journey of organic unfolding that has not only transformed their lives but of thousands of others as well.

In the 1990’s, the couple experienced many modalities and also created some effective ones themselves. Over time, they became experts in several healing modalities including hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, lifestyle medicine, and kinesiology. They also kept developing their own innovative energy tools, which they called GTT (Getting Thru Techniques).

Through their work, the Mountroses began to realize that reaching one’s highest potential is not just a mental process. Soul development is the key to unlock a person’s full potential. Development happens on all levels ─-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In 1996 Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose founded the Awakenings Institute to share their processes with the world. Their mission is to “Create more Love in the world”.

What is it that makes Holistic Life Coaching & Healing so transformational?

The transformational triadHolistic Life Coaching & Healing is transformational because of the combination of the Masculine “Coaching” approach working in harmony with the more Feminine “Healing” approach. This integrated, holistic methodology makes it possible to do soul development through each of the levels of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Other modalities can fall short in the transformation department because they only address one level of being. For example, traditional coaching is great at the mental level but can overlook emotional blocks. These areas need healing at the emotional level for the client to stop repeating old patterns and reach their highest potential.

Actually coaching and healing together organically blend physical, emotional, mental and spiritual intelligence.

What type of client/presenting problem is Holistic Life Coaching & Healing perfect for?

This approach is perfect for clients who are stuck. Holistic Life Coaching with healing gives practitioners a method to assess the whole person to identify and clear blocks at all levels of being.

The types of people who normally gravitate to this work are people who are already interested in personal and spiritual growth and soul development.

Please note: Holistic Life Coaching and Healing is not suitable for treating people with mental illness and is not therapy.

How easy/hard is it to create a Holistic Life Coaching & Healing business?

The Awakenings Institute is unlike some of the other coaching schools I’ve seen that promise successful six-figure businesses and the work-from-home business in a box dream. I love that they are no-hype, realistic, upfront and honest.

They are very clear that what you will experience with their training is a paradigm shift to take charge of your life and partner with your soul.

This means that how you perceive and show up in the world will change as a result of their training. This new thinking will enable your truest path, in alignment with your highest purpose, to naturally unfold for you. It will have ups and downs and you will learn how to grow with grace.

Awakenings Institute

What type of person should seriously consider training in Holistic Life Coaching & Healing?

  1. Someone who is seeking to feel more “Aliveness”— soul connection and spiritual growth.
  2. Coaches and healers who want new expansive, holistic tools for their coaching tool belts.
  3. Those who want additional skills and training to enhance what they are already doing with their work.

If you’d like a taster of the work you can download this free Holistic Life Coaching Success Kit.

How can people learn/study Holistic Life Coaching & Healing?

The Awakenings Institute offers a range of programs and courses. Here are some to get you started:

Online Holistic Life Coaching & Healing Program
This highly rated program combines coaching with EFT and other effective techniques to produce powerful results. For full healing and growth, you will learn step-by-step, holistic, hands-on approach that integrates the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. This ​popular program has been developed and tested for two decades. You will have regular access to a special environment: in a small-group setting, you will experience a soulful place where it is safe to heal and learn at your own rate, and a fertile place to grow and transcend.
Learn more

Online Independent Study Holistic EFT Certification Training Courses and More
These step-by-step 36-hour effective trainings are easy-to-follow and profound to add to your toolbox. Trainings include Holistic EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology (a healing from the soul modality the Mountroses developed), Spiritual Intuitive and more.
Learn more

How can someone experience a Holistic Life Coaching & Healing session with you?

The MountrosesYou can benefit from the decades of experience and results by working one-on-one with either Jane or Phillip Mountrose. Areas that you can receive specific, customized help include removing emotional and spiritual blocks, advancing life purpose and wake up sessions for soul development. You can start with a Free Discovery Session.

Learn more

Where can people find other Holistic Life Coaching & Healing practitioners?

Visit the International Association of Holistic Practitioners (IAHP). Here you can become a professional member, find a holistic practitioner and receive training.

What’s your view?

  • Is Holistic Life Coaching & Healing a tool you have in your coaching toolbelt?
    Is it one you might like to add?
  • Do you have any related books, websites, case studies, schools you’d like to add into the mix?

Share your feedback in the comments 💗

Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! I love helping coach changemakers shine their Light, even more, in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable projects including Ready-Made Coaching Tools, The Coach Guardian, My Coach Office, and my One-to-one, 4-week, Re-Ignite Program (for tenured Changemakers in Transition).


Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! I love helping coach changemakers shine their Light, even more, in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable projects including Ready-Made Coaching Tools, The Coach Guardian, My Coach Office, and my One-to-one, 4-week, Re-Ignite Program (for tenured Changemakers in Transition).


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