Humans: The Instruments of Transcendence

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What is technology? And why?

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Technology’?
Advancements? Futuristic? Efficiency? Or something else? Ongoing right now is the fourth industrial revolution of digitalisation where we all have started to get familiar with AI, AR, VR, and the internet of things. All these astounding innovations are ways for us to step forward and be MORE. Sure, they will assist all coaches and professionals in similar industries to accommodate their services, but what is the technology that transcends all others?

The secret is within

Being a coach without a website, with less than 150 followers on Instagram, and without a name popular enough in the market to be recognized, I am happy to have paying clients who have hired me for the next six months. I am glad to have coached clients from seven different countries with a heart-warming response whilst building a relationship of trust and loyalty with most of them.

There is a sense of realization; it is not important what software I use to run my sessions or what my page looks like, but rather who I am and how I show up as a person while conducting them.

A professional Zoom account may allow you to hold a gathering of large audiences, ‘Calendly’ may allow you to better manage your timelines, ‘Canva’ may allow you to create eye-catching graphics, but how do you think they will assist you if you lack the most intrinsic element of a coach, the coach himself?

Sometimes, the client knows more about the coach’s skills than the coach. A client may reach out to a coach because of an engaging landing page or marketing creatives, but what do you think makes them stay? What do you think about YOU makes them renew the contract or show up for another session? To what extent are you aware of your biggest strengths?

The coolest tech for the coach is his mind, heart, and soul. The sheer reason why he chose to become a coach. The skill of asking empowering questions, holding the space for clients, supporting them to be authentic, and challenging them to tap into a higher level of consciousness. Hence, resulting in allowing them to unknot the blocks that have been limiting their progress towards their goals.

The secret is YOU! The rest are just ways to highlight that.

Reboot & Upgrade

We slap the TV remote when it isn’t responsive, and eventually change the batteries. We restart our laptops when it slows down, we switch it off when it gets too hot. We download the latest software and application updates on our phones and get them repaired when required. We all have done this, not just with the gadgets around us, but also with ourselves.

Just like any other human being, it is normal for coaches to take a break and cool down, go for a get-away to clear the clutter, shake up to put things into perspective, and expose ourselves to other sources of learning to acquire new skills. Because just like conventional gadgets, we too need maintenance and monitoring.

Allow yourself to be, so you can be more!

Tushaar Chaudhary

Tushaar Chaudhary

I am a well-being and productivity coach with a vision to make the world more content, one person at a time. I consider myself to be in the miracle business as I witness my clients find their ‘AHA!’ moments, and create the magic they need to progress towards their personal and professional goals.

Tushaar Chaudhary

Tushaar Chaudhary

Tushaar is an ICF Accredited Life Coach specializing in well-being and productivity with the mission to make the world more content, one step at a time.

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