Ignited at All Times

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We are living in very interesting times. How many of us actually thought that we would live to see a worldwide pandemic? This is truly history in the making. We don’t usually have the opportunity to think about the moments that shape anything: a country, a family, a world, a faith. We are often unable to sit in third person view to see what is happening. We’re too busy living in the situation! In this article I invite you to be deliberate about how the pandemic is affecting you and your business. Keep reading as I help you remain Ignited at All Times.

Working at home

Have you ever just sat for a minute and thought about how life just seems to move swiftly? There are so many things that affect the way we think and have influence on our actions. We are living during the time when the world is affected by the coronavirus and virtually everyone on the planet has been impacted by it in one way or another. The truth is that we are in a new normal. How and where we work are very different. Most people worked in an office, but now the office is the kitchen table or a desk in their bedroom. And with kids being home rather than in school…well, depending on their age it’s almost impossible to work as we normally do. But what if we decided to be deliberate about how we would face this time rather than simply allow it to shape us.

Being ignited is about being connected: to your higher self and your beliefs. It’s about having the energy and passion to be creative, about making a positive impact in the world around you. This is vital when you are a person who seeks to help others move into a better space in life. But how do we do that when the world around us seems to be caving in? How do we remain engaged and ignited when the concerns of the world come to visit our own front door?

Pandemic Yoga

Be Stubborn

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been called stubborn before, but I’ve never been told that I should be stubborn! In difficult times, the decision to keep your joy (or maybe your composure) is simply an act of defiance to negative energy. I’m not saying don’t feel your feelings – the truth is that would simply lead to more of the same.

You should embrace your feelings and move forward anyway. Look for the positive spark that will light the way to a better moment. The coronavirus has caused many of us to stop most of our activities. That’s not fun! But some of us – in an act of stubborn defiance have found creative ways to continue. Like doing yoga with others dressed in a wetsuit! I actually saw on the news that a young man got inside one of those huge plastic bubbles in order to go on a date with the girl that lived across the street! Don’t succumb to the thought of giving up the things you enjoy – get creative and move forward. And have some fun while doing it!

Change the wind

Do you realize that you have the ability to change the atmosphere around you? You are an incredible spiritual being with such great power! You really do not have to accept being overcome by lower emotions. This is the truth: Life is filled with transition. Sometimes those transitions will not seem favorable. But we do not have to allow those things to negatively affect us.

Over the past year, I have watched people that I love become bitter, afraid, ridiculously nervous and some even hostile. It’s one thing to have a bitter moment. It’s another to live that way. We do not have to accept every thought or emotion that comes to settle upon us. We have the ability to direct our minds and literally change the atmosphere around us. What makes you feel good? What brings you joy? What gives you comfort? Think of these things when you are falling into the trap of negative thinking. This is the true way out. And if you can take it a step further, don’t just think of good things – go out and do something good. A good deed really does change your heart.

Realign Yourself

If you own a car then you know that every now and then they need maintenance. My grandfather always said that if you want to have longevity in your vehicles, then you needed to perform regular maintenance and absolutely needed to keep up on our oil changes. Even with that, every now and then, a car may break down and need repair. Do you see where I’m going with this? Do you think that you are much different than that? This year has been the weirdest year for me. I’ve experienced amazing success in the midst of very deep personal loss. It’s sometimes quite challenging to access how I’m feeling. But I did something for myself that being at home helped me do. I gave myself permission to take time out and realign my vision for my life and my business. Truthfully, if we were not in a pandemic, I doubt that I would have done it. But one of the blessings of this time was that I HAD TIME! If you find that your thoughts are not aligning with your higher self and that your energy is dwindling, then give yourself the gift of time with yourself. Everything about you affects your business and your clients. There are some things that simply cannot be “thought away”, some things must be dealt with. Give yourself the gift of healing by doing the things you know to do that make you better. A good walk among great scenery, a few zoom calls with a mentor, new books to expand your vision and lots and lots of laughter! Spend some time, doing things that make your energy soar. Trust me, the folks who love you will thank you for it.

Singing Bowl


I know, you are thinking I’m nuts because we aren’t supposed to be traveling and going places. But, have you noticed that we have become extremely creative lately? I’ve been watching how companies have implemented new ways of ensuring that their people remain engaged while they work at home isolated from their coworkers. They have video celebrations, group chats during the day for breaks, virtual lunches. It’s awesome.

And look at how families are showing love to each other? On top of zoom calls, there are the drive-by birthday and graduation celebrations that put smiles on everyone’s face. What is out there that you want to explore? I’ve always wanted to experience sound healing. There is absolutely no reason why I haven’t done it. But with many options on my checklist being affected by our current way of life, I had to figure out how I could continue having new experiences. Of course everything really is online. I’ve been experiencing the most creative sound healings from all over – something that geography would have prevented before. This past weekend I participated in an affirming exercise class. I loved it! Every move was meant to raise your energy and there were affirmations that coordinated with every move. It was FANTASTIC. Go ahead and explore. Google can really be your friend.


The challenges we face do not have to take away our creativity or our spark. Being ignited doesn’t happen to you. You make it happen. When you choose to be deliberate about remaining ignited, the hard moments in life arrive differently to your doorstep, and it’s more difficult for those moments to stay. Your mind will be more focused on the good and the positive. You will be looking for the silver lining in everything. Most importantly – I believe that most often you will actually find it.

Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath has been coaching since 2007. Her passion is helping people discover their Spiritual DNA.


Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath

Kimberly Horvath has been coaching since 2007. Her passion is helping people discover their Spiritual DNA.


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