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LiveLivestreaming became popular in 2015 with Meerkat and Periscope. For the first time ever, you could watch your favorite thought leader in real-time, get your questions answered and connect with them personally. This trend took off because one could build a connection as well as the “know, like, and trust factor” that is mentioned often in the online and marketing spaces. Now, coaches are using livestreaming as a tool to connect with their Past, Present, and Future audience in a deeper way.

Here are some of the livestreaming tools that coaches are using:

Facebook Live

Many coaches are posting their informational videos on Facebook Live as webinars. They are also doing video interviews and podcasts using the platform. This is a way to inform their audience while positioning themselves as experts in their field of coaching. Plus they are adding to the pool of coaching content for future use. You can livestream from your mobile devices, computer, and DSLR Cameras. Third-party software such as BeLive, Streamyard, and Ecamm (Mac Users) help customize and improve the video look and feel. I will be exploring these tools more in a future article.

Instagram Live

Laptop CallMany coaches are using Instagram Live as a way to engage with their audience. While there are no third-party tools that enhance the video, there are plenty of filters, lenses, and add-ons to add personality and style to the video. Instagram Live is built to be recorded in portrait orientation but now you can record in landscape orientation so you can download it afterward and use it for other platforms and projects. The lives can last an hour so after you record you can download it to your IGTV account so you can view the whole replay on Instagram. Having an active Live, IG Stories and IGTV presence will help inform and build your audience.

LinkedIn Live

Video LiveThis is a fairly new tool that is still in beta. You have to apply for access to use this. To apply click here. After you receive access, you will be able to livestream from LinkedIn. To livestream, you will need third-party software. There are a few options to choose from; a popular one is Streamyard, which allows you to go live on Facebook and LinkedIn simultaneously. Using your computer is the easiest, however, Streamyard does have a mobile app for moving livestreams if necessary. This will save you time while you educate the masses on your programs and services. This is a great platform for information, so Series, Shows, and Workshops do very well here.

These tools are making room for coaches to speak in a way that connects to their audience and informs them about how they can help others in a unique and effective way. As coaches start to put out their videos, they are building their audience through knowledge, connection, and trust because people can resonate with the coaches’ message and focus. Coaches are no longer afraid to share their whys and their stories with their audience because it is clear that they understand and care.

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer | Helping you "Create a Demand for Your Supply" using Social Media and Technology

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer | Helping you "Create a Demand for Your Supply" using Social Media and Technology

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  1. Valerie

    Thank you for sharing, Aikyna! I think you are the only coach I know who is so tech-savvy. You know I love to be efficient and need to stay current with tech-tools. Appreciate your sharing!

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