Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul: What’s the difference?

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A few years ago, I created Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul columns in my annual publication the Gratitude Diary. Not long after the book came out, I received a plethora of letters and emails from you guys asking this question: what’s the difference between mind, body, spirit and soul? I thought I’d take this space to open up this question more deeply and help you make those distinctions for yourself. Mind Body SoulI like to describe these four aspects as bodies: The Mental body, The Spirit body, The Soul body, and Human body. Who knew you had four bodies! And here are the differences.

The Mental Body

Housed in your brain, the Mental body is powered by all the other bodies! The 1990s heralded the news that if you change your thinking to a more positive intent, you can change your life. This is partly true, however there is a lot more going on inside the complexity of the human being, and the mind is just one body inside a four-body system.

Think of it as changing the same light bulb when it blows out each week due to faulty wiring. Unless you upgrade your wires (your soul work) life will start to feel like Groundhog Day. You may be happy with the new bulb while it’s working, but then feel a sense of defeat when it (you) blows out again. This is why diets don’t work long-term.

mind energyThe wonderful thing about the mental body is that its hard drive is always upgrading to allow new programs. Thoughts are just thoughts and they come and go.

Using your will, you can decide on anything your heart desires, and then organise your thoughts and schedules using your brain, which is a little soldier that supports you to complete your mission. Just remember that you are the captain, and it is just the soldier. And while seemingly powerful, at the end of the day the brain is just a light bulb and can be changed at will.

The Spirit Body

This is sometimes referred to as an aura. I like to think of my Spirit body as that which houses my frequency or the resonance at which I am vibrating. If I am an electrical system (and we are!), am I turned on to high, medium or low? When I’m doing my soul work and processing something gnarly, my spirits will be sober. They’re still there but turned down a little in order not to interfere with my soul’s work. However when my spirits are high, I will often feel the confidence to take action, take risks, lean out a little further into life and spread my wings wider. I will spend time supporting friends, doing sessions, decorating and tidying up my home when my spirits and vibration are high. I also make sure to fill out the Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul pages when I’m feeling this way. (You can find these pages at the end of the article) Woman in the waterAt the moment, we are going through a transition where our energy bodies (spirit bodies) are shifting from a third-dimensional frequency to a fifth-dimensional frequency. It means our frequency is speeding up and human being are beginning to vibrate at a higher level. It’s all part of the ongoing spiritual evolution.So I have felt amazing on some days and a bit lethargic on others.My best advice is to just ride the wave as it shows up each day and not get too attached to the changes of frequency, for they will change like the weather. Be with what is and give thanks. If I am wanting to boost my spirit body, I’ll have a bulletproof coffee, put on some music and dance around the lounge room. I will connect with high-frequency people such as Elizabeth April and Matt Kahn. If I am wanting to cleanse my body, I’ll have hot lemon water and eliminate dairy and alcohol for a while. While my human body is organic and subject to the death process, my spirit will never die and I believe it is this body that will house our soul when it is time for the next journey into the afterlife (although I can’t prove this yet)! Oh, and one final note: Bailey, my dog, just jumped up on my computer and wanted to play. He totally nourishes my spirit body. In fact, I have laughed out loud every single day since his arrival. Laughter and playfulness come naturally when spirits are high. Creativity is also easily actualised or brought to form when spirit frequency is high. But we need to talk about soul as well when it comes to creativity.


The Gratitude Diary

It’s a diary, a daily planner, a trustworthy companion, a confidante and a tool for transformation and growth.

The Soul Body

homeI love my Soul. It is perhaps one of the aspects of myself that remained elusive to me for many years, so I’ve had to work hard in order to make contact with it. The soul is a balance of masculine and feminine energies. It is the home of our passions, desires, hopes and fears. The soul can store memories of the past when the brain cannot. It is said the Akashic records are simply soul memories. It makes sense that there is a place to keep the eternal essence of who we are.

We know our physical bodies will fail us some day, but our soul is eternal. Our authentic personality emanates from our soul. It is the soul that chooses colours, plants, animals and friends. It is our soul which speaks to us in our dream space; it’s the little voice over our shoulder that we often ignore.

My soul loves beauty! I spend at least two hours every day cleaning and tweaking my environment so that it emanates more beauty.

Emotions reside in the soul: sadness, anger, fear and shame. Love also resides there. As humans, I feel it is the soul that has been denied the most in today’s society. This is why I continually support the healthy expression of emotions out of love for and in service of the soul. Interestingly, I’m starting to see all people as souls now, while once I saw others as a race, an age or a position or title. We are all those but mostly we are a human soul.

Music, but not all music, comes from the soul. A truly timeless album will be created by someone singing directly from an experience that has activated their emotions. These are and will remain the legends of their era. Connected to an emotion of sadness, hope, loss or faith, the gift of soul music on the planet will stand the test of time because the expression is emotionally honest.

Soulmates are people who share a similar frequency of the soul. This can look like an intimate partner, a friendship, or even a close kinship with a particular sibling. A special relationship with a child or a baby. The connection is somehow special. Bailey is my soulmate because he is somehow special. I like all dogs, however, I felt Bailey when I saw a photograph of him and intuitively knew what his name was before I called the breeder.

A soulmate is not a ‘twin flame’ which is someone you share your soul with. And doesn’t that open up another can of worms? The concept that you are not the only ‘person’ who lives in your soul. OMG, what a trip. And I know five couples in relationships who can attest to this phenomenon.

Would all the other twin flames reunited please step forward? I’d love to hear from you! However, until you can deeply know your own soul and what resides in there, and then release the emotions that need releasing, you will probably not recognise your twin flame because of the distortion in your own frequency and mind.

The Human Body

Home of the soul! And that is why we refer to the body as a temple. It is the matter which anchors our eternal and magnificent soul into this realm living on Planet Earth. This is why we must treat our bodies as vehicles and not slaves. Your body needs maintenance! This includes rest, nutrition, warmth and stillness. It needs exercise, movement, clothing, sleep, touch, massage and love.

The body is amazing for it has a natural intelligence and regulation system. This includes the immune system which is God’s design to keep your temple resonating at optimal health. The frequency of your body (going back to your spirit body) will also serve your physical body, especially when we talk about viruses and toxins. If you maintain your frequency at the level of love, then pathogens, bacteria and viruses will find it difficult to set up residence in your house.

The best way to nourish your body is to eat food as close to nature as possible. End of story. It’s no more complicated than that, yet we have become obsessed with supplements, powders and goop that apparently create good health. The veils are coming down on this one, folks, and Nature is beginning to raise her voice so that we can hear her. Return to the garden for she will also feed your soul, spirit and mind!

Exercises to help you:

So when you’re filling out your mind, body, spirit, soul page, just touch base with those aspects of yourself and ask what it is you need. Get to know yourself as a multidimensional being and acknowledge all that you are. Then, allow these parts to speak to you and inform you in the present moment.

Click the button to download your copy of the Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul Page

Let your mind speak.

Let your soul speak.

Let your spirit speak.

Let your body speak.

Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears

In all of my work, my intention is to help people find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever-increasing pace.
Gratitude is the Beginning…


Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears

In all of my work, my intention is to help people find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever-increasing pace.
Gratitude is the Beginning…


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