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Benay Tools for Transformation

Tools for Transformation

by Benay Dyor


We have become guides in a shifting world consciousness because we understand how to use powerful tools that awaken the true self. In my column you’ll find introductory articles on coaching and healing modalities that facilitate human transformation. It is my hope that you may be inspired to add some of these tools to your coaching toolkit so you can make an even bigger impact through your work.
Jenny Mitchell Circle

Websites that Work

by Jenny Mitchell


I am so grateful that I have been a Website Designer for life coaches for the past 7 years. Being able to write this column for The Coach Guardian is my way of giving back to this amazing community. I will be writing about all aspects of what coaches need to know about websites.

Neha Sinha

by Neha Sinha


Word Power is an exploration of the clarifying process that is writing. This skill is highly relevant to all coaches, whether you are selling your services or delivering a unique message to your client. Words enable us to teach complicated concepts, set loving boundaries, explore our inner lives, and refine our beliefs.
There’s a moment when articulating an idea; things “click” into place. I live for those moments. Through this column, I will endeavour to generate such moments for you.


Angelic Activation For Coaches

by Neelam Rai

United States

The Coach Guardian Monthly Angelic Activation Forecast will inspire you where to exactly focus your energy and how to embody the characteristics of what you desire as a Leader/Coach/Teacher. Co-create your realities with Angels.
Angelika Matev

Coaches' Cosmic Compass

by Angelika Matev


In my column you will find a Monthly Astro-Bulletin covering the most important astrological events and trends, affecting that specific period of time. The column will also include series of articles about the value of AstroPsychology as a unique tool for healing & transformation.

Unapologetically Me

by Anne Brewer


Grab your windbreaker as Anne takes your hand and zips you through her world. Discover wonderfully witty stories recounting one woman’s journey from the analytical and logical world into the Magical domain of the healing arts.
Dawn Strom Circle

Body, Soul, & Strategy

by Dawn Strom

United States

We are in a time of profound transformation, and coaches have the opportunity to support their clients to embody a new level of consciousness and conscious action in the world. I am excited to join the conversation and The Coach Guardian Team to explore how we can collectively RECLAIM joy, freedom, deep connection, and strategies for creating a coaching business that honors our bodies and feed our souls.

Ignited Business

by Kimberly Horvath

United States

A service oriented business works best when your passion is ignited. My column will help you understand your Spiritual DNA and help reignite your vision for your coaching business.
benay unconventional coaching

Unconventional Coaching

by Benay Dyor


One of my favorite things to do is to test out personal development ideas, tools, processes and techniques on myself. In this column I share my experimental journey of self discovery and the truth I discover along the way.
Steve Poelmans circle

Biz Systems with Heart

by Steve Poelmans


In my column “Biz systems with heart” I will be writing about business-related topics, how to make a connection to your Tribe, and how personal development fits into a business.
Sue Palmer-Conn circle

Windmills of the Mind

by Sue Palmer-Conn

United Kingdom

As a Divorce Coach specializing in holistic health and wellness for divorced women over 50, I am aiming to combine my experiences and expertise in coaching with my love of music. The column Windmills of the Mind aims to explore mind and heart related topics to move coaches forward in their practice and clients forward in their transition journey. For me the words of songs are inspirational in my journey of self-development.

by Junwen Chen


My mission in life is to educate and empower people to design their lives so that they can live in abundance. In this column, I will share about my L.I.F.E process and how you can have clarity in your life, in your finances, and in your coaching business.

Technically Intuitive

by Dr. Aikyna Finch

United States

If you want a mix of technology and intuitive coaching tips to grow your business, this column is for you. Dr. Finch’s knowledge brings a deeper look into the way to use technology to enhance the connection to your clients.

Business Development

by Chris Scott


The ‘Business Development’ column is to assist individuals to professionalize their coaching business. When you discover new knowledge or rediscover the old, you will have greater insights into building a stronger and sustainable business platform from which to deliver your coaching programs. I will help you focus you and your business on what it needs, you’ll adopt sound actionable strategies, and know that you are on your life’s journey to success.

Gen Z Coaching

by Tushaar Chaudhary


Gen Z coaching is what you get when you put a curious, inquisitive soul into the world of coaching. Coaching can be categorized by different niches, languages, styles, and more! But I wouldn’t want a coach to be categorized based on their age because it is (like we all have heard) just a number.

I believe in learning and growing while having fun, I would encourage you to do the same by seeing the world through a Gen Z coach. Everybody is a student and teacher, so let’s learn, teach, love, grow, live, and of course, have fun!
n your life’s journey to success.

Kathy McKenzie

The Compassionate Coach

by Kathy McKenzie


In this column, I want to convey to you how to develop your compassionate side and how to build your ability to connect with yourself and others. I want to share the value of nurturing and expanding your ability to be intuitive and trusting of your own deep inner knowing. In turn, the more you become in touch with your inner knowing, the more you enable others to tune into theirs.

Steve McVey circle

NLP Smart Coaching

by Steve McVey


For many years I have lived a deeply satisfying and resourceful life by utilising the power of NLP, both personally and professionally. The opportunity to introduce the concepts and processes of NLP to a new, wider audience aligns to my Purpose in life and I am excited to be a featured columnist of the Coach Guardian.

Petra Bezic

Focus on Growth with Feng Shui

by Petra Bezic


I hope my column will help you look at your homes with fresh eyes and get a deeper understanding of the role our living spaces play in shaping us and the impact they have on our reality.

Melanie Spears circle

Melanie's Soul Couch

by Melanie Spears


Come and sit with me each month at ‘Melanie’s Soul Couch’ where we’ll explore gentle ways to evolve your soul in order to authentically connect with your clients for the highest possible Good of all.