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passion maps TMI’m so excited to bring you the low-down on this month’s Transformational Tool, Passion Maps ™, from the Inventor himself, Peter Wallman.

Creating your Passion Map™ is like finally meeting the real YOU. Your map is a visual representation of your soul as it is in this moment. And just like you, it’s completely unique and AWESOME.

Here’s how I discovered Passion Mapping™…

I completed my first Passion Map™ in 2017 and I was so inspired by experiencing the process that I asked my facilitator if she would introduce me to the founder. I had NO IDEA at the time how just much this work would change my life!

Since then I’ve refreshed my map (I’ve changed A LOT in the last 3 years). I also decided to become a Passion Maps™ facilitator myself. And somewhere in the middle, I interviewed Peter a few times on my podcast. Check out Connecting with Your Inner Knowing and Intuition and Finding Highest Purpose.

Here’s my view on the process…

After completing your map, you feel more clear, energised, enthusiastic, free and at the same time more grounded, and centered in who you are.

Because Passion Mapping™ is an embodied process (as opposed to being in the head), you experience cell activation in alignment with your passion elements. You start to naturally attract your passion elements into your life. For example, in my personal Passion Map™, I had a few passion elements that felt distant and aspirational at the time of mapping – elements like, ‘Exploring & Knowing Unseen Magic’ and ‘Serial Entrepreneur’. BUT both of these passions started manifesting just months after my map was completed – as opposed to the 5-20 years I was anticipating!!!

But enough from me – I could go on forever about this truly transformational tool. Let’s hear what Peter has to say on the matter…

Who founded Passion Maps™?

Peter WallmanPassion Mapping™ was invented and founded by myself, Peter Wallman. The process was born serendipitously when I was working on a project with a dear colleague, Dr. Howard.

I founded Passion Maps™ Pty. Ltd. in Australia.

What is it that makes Passion Maps™ so amazingly transformational?

Passion makes things happen. ​The word passion conjures up as many definitions as there are people. There are many words and images that come to mind when people talk about ‘passion’. So we would like to share with you what we mean by passion, which we describe as; “The deep inner drive to reach for what you love”.

Passion, for us, is about energy, flow as well as deep intuition and emotion. When we connect and act from a place of passion, we can transform our lives in a very powerful way. Passion Maps™ enables you to stay attuned with your passions, and what energises and inspires you. Passion is a free, sustainable, renewable energy that can be accessed anytime to tap into what we truly love!

Passion Maps™ programs use powerful processes that enable people to realise their passions and visions in their own unique way.

Passion Map Group

What type of client is Passion Maps™ perfect for?

We offer a diverse range of unique individual and collective programs designed to work across all cultures and professions. Our business aims to uplift the human condition and make a significant contribution to the global challenges that we currently face.

Individuals who are interested in connecting with their inner knowing and intuition, in a deeply personal and experiential manner, would benefit from a Personal Passion Map™. Especially those who wish to create authentic visions, goals, and aspirations.

Couples who would like to deepen their connection and understanding of each other and their relationship would benefit from a Relationship Map.

Teams who would like to connect on a deeper level to ensure alignment and passion in their work – for the benefit of each other, the team and the organization – would benefit from a Team Map.

Groups united by a shared cause who would like to deepen their conversations quickly and efficiently – get to the heart and soul of the matter – would benefit from a Passion Cafe.

Passion Maps ™

How has it been to create a business from Passion Maps™?

I’ve asked Benay to answer this question since she obtained her Passion Map™ Facilitator training this year. Here is what she had to say…

“ Hi, this is Benay. Very happy to respond to this one Peter – thank you.

I obtained my Passion Map™ Facilitator qualification about 12 months ago. I have a page on my website about it but I don’t promote it.

So far, with just word of mouth I have completed 10 Personal Passion Maps™ and two Relationship Maps. Just in the last month, I have partnered with a Yoga Teacher Training School and a Career Coach who wants to provide their clients with Personal Passion Maps™.

Both of these opportunities came from me having facilitated the Passion Map™ of the founder. They got so much out of the process they have included it into their work!

Passion Maps™ is a love of mine. I enjoy facilitating maps for people.

I never had the plan to market myself directly as a facilitator. I am happy with the word of mouth referrals I’m getting and with being a facilitator-for-hire for projects that require a whole bunch of Passion Maps™ like the Yoga Teacher Training School. I’d love to do some maps within Teal Organizations – it’s on my Map so I know it will happen. 😉

In my first 12 months I’ve already made back my investment in the training+ and I have laid solid foundations to expand this work. I am very pleased with the graceful unfolding of my passion mapping business while I run my other businesses.”

What type of person should consider training in Passion Maps™?

People who are inclined towards helping their clients live their best lives will be drawn to Passion Mapping​™​ . This work attracts those who want to make a positive impact.

Our Passion Maps™ Professionals are committed to using the transformational power of Passion Mapping™ towards creating a more passionate, conscious, and sustainable world.

Is there a Passion Maps™ certification?

Yes. Training courses are available for those who want to become accredited Passion Maps™ coaches, qualified to facilitate different Passion Maps™ programs, both online and face-to-face.

How can people learn/study Passion Maps™?

I authored a book called The Wisdom of Passion. That tackles the power of passion, my story, and Passion Mapping™. They can also find more information on our website​ and other digital channels- Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

How can someone experience a Passion Maps™ session with you?

Simply send a message through our Contact Form.

Where can people find other Passion Maps™ practitioners?

Passion Maps™ Pty Ltd. has accredited coaches in 9 countries. You can view the directory here. You’ll find Benay on there too. She has been working with coaches for about 10 years and could be good to get in touch with. Here’s a link to her website as well.

What’s your view?

  • Is Passion Maps™ a tool you have in your coaching toolbelt?
  • Is it one you might like to add?
  • Do you have any books, websites, case studies, schools on passion you’d like to add into the mix?

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Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! I love helping coach changemakers shine their Light, even more, in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable projects including Ready-Made Coaching Tools, The Coach Guardian, My Coach Office, and my One-to-one, 4-week, Re-Ignite Program (for tenured Changemakers in Transition).

Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! I love helping coach changemakers shine their Light, even more, in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable projects including Ready-Made Coaching Tools, The Coach Guardian, My Coach Office, and my One-to-one, 4-week, Re-Ignite Program (for tenured Changemakers in Transition).

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