Psychological Astrology as a Tool for Coaches

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I know people who are totally sceptical about astrology and I know people who use astrology everyday as a guide to live by. I’m not a diehard fan but I do see the merit. Especially for things like profiling through birth charts. There are always gems of truth to be discovered.

I like to keep an open mind, especially around knowledge sources that have been around for centuries. So I keep my eye on the stars. I’ve been following Angelica Matev’s column, Coaches Cosmic Compass since it launched and have been impressed by how often her predictions line up with things going on in my day-to-day life.

Since all matter is energy and energy is impacted by the energy around it, it makes sense to me that the alignment of the planets would influence other matter on Earth, including humans.

Can the ancient wisdom of astrology be used for more than helping yourself? Can it be used to help us be better coaches?

Angelika, is leading the way with uniting astrology and coaching to facilitate lasting transformation for her clients. So, I interviewed Angelica about Psychological Astrology as a transformational tool for your coaching tool kit.

Here’s what she had to say…

Listen to our full interview here or read the condensed version below.

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Who founded Psychological Astrology

Astrology has always been a part of humanity. It’s a sacred system of knowledge. In the 1950’s Dane Rudhyar wrote a book called, The Astrology of Personality. He is seen as the founder of the stream of Astrology that is known today as Psychological Astrology.

What is it that makes Psychological Astrology so amazingly transformational?

It is a blueprint for each person to become whole.

With Psychological Astrology I am able to help my clients reconnect with their authentic Self, overcome life challenges, and achieve lasting transformation, using a powerful combination of Astrology, Psychology. I also use advanced coaching techniques.

This combination allows the most personalized form of consulting, counseling, guidance, and coaching strategies, based on the individual birth chart and the client’s needs.

Psychological Astrology has so many benefits. It’s a wonderful tool if you want to:

  1. Identify underlying issues & bring them to conscious awareness.
  2. Gain insight into self-limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, psychological challenges.
  3. Reveal the deep meaning of a particular defining experience or stage of life.
  4. Connect the dots by understanding better your role in your life story.
  5. Stop feeling like a victim of circumstances and start reframing self-limiting beliefs.
  6. Identify patterns of healing, growth, and personal development.
  7. Gain direction and life purpose to follow and fulfill.
  8. Deepen the sense of connection to one’s authentic Self.
  9. Discover periods of crisis and opportunity and how to navigate them best.
  10. Start feeling confident to make authentic choices, initiate necessary changes, and significantly improve your life.

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What type of client is Psychological Astrology perfect for?

Psychological Astrology is best for those who…

  • Feel it’s time for a change.
  • Are tired of being stuck in the same repetitive cycles of insecurity, bad relationships & lack of clear direction in life.
  • Like to discover their hidden strengths, reconnect with their true Self and start making authentic choices to create the life they always wanted but are not sure how to do it and where to start.
  • Know they need to focus on inner healing and personal growth so they can find true happiness and live life to the fullest.


How easy/hard has it been to create a business from Psychological Astrology?

It’s been and still is quite a journey – exciting, scary, challenging, passionate 😊…a wide range of feelings and emotions around building my business but most importantly, inspiring and so rewarding!!

I had to find the best formula for a successful methodology bringing together different branches of knowledge and disciplines – the various layers of my services include psychological analysis, astrological interpretation from a counseling perspective, Inner Work, mythology, history, healing & energy work, storytelling, life & relationship coaching, etc.

And, of course, the business setup, with all its components – website, tech tools, marketing strategies, blogging, social media… the list goes on. It took a lot of hard work but with the help of an expert/business coach I hired, and everything I learned and applied, I was able to create a viable online business to serve my clients by bridging the spiritual and the practical in one coaching system and by doing so, fulfill my mission and purpose!

What type of person should seriously consider training in Psychological Astrology?

Anyone who is motivated to go on the Hero Journey – the journey of self-exploration and self-discovery, to ‘connect the dots’ by identifying their role in their life story to achieve a deeper and better understanding of specific life events and situations.

Also, anyone who is willing to embrace the idea that ‘Character is Fate’ and go through a process of healing the past, becomes consciously aware of the present and builds the future they always wanted.

In other words, become the creator of their reality and own their life and then help others to do the same.



How can people learn Psychological Astrology?

Below are some amazing resources you can get started with. You’ll find more resources at the end of this article.

How can someone experience a session with you?

I offer a few different consultations including:

  • A Free 30 min Discovery Call, which can be booked on my website or arranged by email.
  • My main program is the Ultimate Breakthrough 3-month package, with 3 modules: Psychological Astrology, Inner Work, and Next Level Coaching.
  • I also offer a Self-Study pack with great material covering the Inner Work/Healing Module of my Program, for those who prefer to do the work on their own.
  • Last but not least I have a Library of Free Resources on my website, for immediate download.

What is your #1 advice for Coaches today?

Be authentic, be strategic, and spiritually aligned in your coaching practice!

What is your definition of success?

Happy clients, enjoying achieved, desired outcomes after working together. Valuable contributions to the coaching community/the greater good, financial stability and shared happiness with my loved ones!

What are you grateful for?

For all that nurtures my body (life-giving Mother Nature, health, vital energy), mind (work, business, knowledge, studies, experience), heart (love, my amazing partner, family, my pets 😊, my friends) & spirit (Astrology, the magic of the Universe, the personal wisdom I gained). And of course, the opportunity to apply all of the above to help, serve and do my part in making the world a better place!

If you could only share 3 truths about life with your nearest and dearest, what would they be?

  1. Our life circumstances are the reflection of who we choose to be. Choose wisely!
  2. It’s never too late to start over, learn something new and improve your life!
  3. To understand, heal, help, and evolve we need LOVE, always!! Love yourself, love others, love the magic of Life!!

Additional Resources and Further Reading

Here is some of Angelika’s recommended reading:

More Great Astrologers And Authors

And of course, the Legacy of C.G. Jung:

‘’The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection, in which are reflected the mythologems, i.e., the archetypes. In this vision astrology and alchemy, the two classical functionaries of the psychology of the collective unconscious, join hands.”
Carl Jung, CW 8, ‘The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche’, Page 195
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Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! I love helping coach changemakers shine their Light, even more, in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable projects including Ready-Made Coaching Tools, The Coach Guardian, My Coach Office, and my One-to-one, 4-week, Re-Ignite Program (for tenured Changemakers in Transition).

Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! I love helping coach changemakers shine their Light, even more, in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable projects including Ready-Made Coaching Tools, The Coach Guardian, My Coach Office, and my One-to-one, 4-week, Re-Ignite Program (for tenured Changemakers in Transition).

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