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RobynTo get you the basics on Reiki, I’ve interviewed Robyn Ellis who is a Reiki Healer in my area. Robyn and I met through the Barefoot Business Women networking group a few years ago.

Back then, Robyn was just starting out, so I got to watch her practice unfold from the very beginning to where she is now. On top of all that we are also fellow firewalkers!

I’m thrilled with Robyn’s knowledge of this tool, grateful for her transparency about the business side of Reiki and excited about her willingness to share what she knows with us.

Thank you so much Robyn for helping us all FEEL into Reiki as a tool for transformation. Here’s Robyn with the answers to all the questions I wanted to ask her:

Who founded Reiki?
When and where was Reiki founded?

The word Reiki is Japanese, and translated means Universal Life Energy. It was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui at the turn of the century, late 1800’s in Kyoto, Japan.

What is it that makes Reiki so amazingly transformational?

Look up at the treesPractitioners are the channel of Universal Life Energy for their clients.

With the client’s permission to receive this energy through the Usui Reiki Healer, healing takes places in many different ways. For instance, a client has a sore foot, yet guidance is channeled to a healing of the heart that needs balancing, and in turn the foot feels better. Often, it’s emotional healing that opens up the way for physical healing.

The healing can be performed in person or across long distances (at Reiki Level 2) and so, the client can be sleeping in another town or country and give permission for healing to be sent and feel the benefits from this. Or you can be sitting in a chair or laying on a massage table with the reiki healer using his or her hands to channel the healing.

Sessions are non invasive. In most cases calm and soothing. Emotions can sometimes be revealed, sensations felt through the body as the energy goes to work, heat or coolness, tingling, twinges, a beautiful sense of calm and peace. These feelings are all part of the realignment.

Every Practitioner is unique. We have our own specialities and our guides can vary and so the guidance can also be varied. The energy work however, is universal.

What type of client/presenting problem is Reiki perfect for?

I can speak for my own personal style of Usui Reiki Level 2. I specialise in Distance Healing mostly. The people I work with are often experiencing anxiety or going through the throes of chronic illness. People who could be dealing with ongoing aches and pains. People who have tried everything and are not getting answers and are in a state of overwhelm or disheartened. Someone who is finding it difficult to relax, difficult to get a restful night’s sleep, or finding it hard to relax the mind and body.

How easy/hard has it been to create a business from Reiki?

My biggest hurdle has been my own mindset and generous heart around charging for my services.

I have given many free sessions as a way to establish my own body of evidence and also just to help people who had never experienced Reiki before or didn’t know what it can do. I find that people do not know what Reiki is and are sceptical to it.

Reiki is only really starting to come out of the shadows as a recognised modality. I am amazed at how many people I have known all my life who are Reiki Attuned just for their own benefit. Famous surgeons who have used it with their patients and we are only hearing of this today. Many will attune to this and just use it on themselves.

I believe social media and word of mouth is helping us bring this powerful healing medium into the mainstream. Over time, it will become easier to grow our client base and business, especially with what it happening in the world today with COVID-19 isolation and the added benefit that Reiki can be practiced via distance without the need to be hands on, in the same location.

It has not come easy, however there is good promise and there are many practitioners before me who have and are doing well. I personally have just hopped into the arena and am just finding my niche, and my calling for Distance Healing + finding it works with my style of coaching.

What type of person should seriously consider training in Reiki?

Energy HandsUsui Reiki is especially attractive to empathic people. Those of us who feel energy, emotions and recognise the mind-body-energy connection.

You see a lot of personal carers, nurses, teachers, psychologists, yoga teachers, holistic therapists and even life coaches with an interest in Reiki.

People who are listeners and have the bedside manner to counsel others. Much of what a Usui Reiki Healer does is listen to and feel the energy. They are the gateway to help shift pain, sadness, anger, despair etc… away. To reset and rebalance for optimal health and wellbeing.

Is there a Reiki certification?

There are different levels of certification Reiki 1 > Reiki 2 > Reiki Master.

An Usui Reiki Master / Teacher is the level by which you can attune and certify students ready to embark on their Usui Reiki Journeys. To become a Master/Teacher is much like an apprenticeship.

How can people learn/study Reiki?

You can find an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher to learn and attune to Reiki. My Master is Natalie Ubl Grant from she is located in Buderim, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

How can someone experience a Reiki session with you?

Where can people find other Reiki practitioners?

I met Natalie (My Master Teacher) via a Meetup Networking group. You can find many via a simple Facebook Search or Google Search, look in your local area.

One beautiful way to get to know Reiki is by joining in a Reiki Circle, this is how many Usui Reiki Master Teachers will connect with others curious to learn about Reiki. You may connect with a Reiki Practitioner you resonate with here or decide you would like to learn Reiki.

Look for Practitioners who have Certification such as International Institute for Complementary Therapists or similar, which is assurance they are checked, certified and insured practitioner.

What’s your view?

  • Is Reiki a tool you have in your coaching toolbelt?
  • Is it one you might like to add?
  • Do you have any Reiki books, websites, case studies, schools you’d like to add into the mix?

Please leave a comment (and be sure to thank Robyn for getting this expansive dialogue started!) 💗

Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! For my JOB I help coaches shine their Light in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable, collaborative projects with friends I love and admire. Check out The Coach Guardian, Life Coach Office, and Passion Maps.

Benay Dyor

Benay Dyor

Life's a Journey. I don't always get it right but I'm having FUN! For my JOB I help coaches shine their Light in the world. I do this through a range of enjoyable, collaborative projects with friends I love and admire. Check out The Coach Guardian, Life Coach Office, and Passion Maps.

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