Sales Ideas for Heart-Centered Coaches

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Sales are an important part of entrepreneurship, it is what makes your business a business and not just an expensive hobby. Well as heart-centered coaches, sometimes it is easy to give instead of sell. Sometimes the conventional ways of selling don’t work for heart-centered coaches. There comes a time when the original isn’t working so it is time to try the remix.

Please remember there is a remix to everything so don’t be afraid to try something new. That includes selling, so let’s explore a few ideas.


This is a great way for heart-centered coaches to sell because they are usually great at talking about their why. People hear the passion in the coach’s voice and resonate with their story. The coach will guide the person through the process of working with them and how it will be customized to the person’s needs. They will engage the person in conversation and get their buy-in which builds a lifelong relationship.


This is a quick up to 30sec video that can educate or inform your clients about a topic, product, service, or event that we help them be great. There needs to be a benefit for the person to watch so make your coaching seconds fun and engaging!



This is a great way to get eyes on your products and services because Pinterest is actually a search engine. You can use it to gain interest and for quick shares. The goal is to share relevant information so make sure your information is what is being shared. Make sure your links point to products, services, and other social media so you can get growth all the way around.


There is nothing like a great testimonial! Make sure you get your testimonials via video (preferred) or written. If you use written, make sure to get the picture to go along with it. Use your brand colors, logo, and website in the post for social media to help create brand awareness with the testimonials. Most of the world is visual, so give them a show!

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These are some of the things that help me grow my sales while still being true to who I am as an entrepreneur. I am a servant leader type so I need to give in order to receive and I know many of the people that are reading this article are the same way. Remember you don’t have to become a different person to sell, you have to find your stride and run with it. There is a reason why people resonate with you so find out what that is and give it to them! I look forward to hearing and seeing what you come up with so drop me a comment below so I can celebrate with you!

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer | Helping you "Create a Demand for Your Supply" using Social Media and Technology

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer | Helping you "Create a Demand for Your Supply" using Social Media and Technology

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