The Astro-Bulletin June 2021

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In this month’s edition, I am presenting an overview of the most important Astrological Events in June 2021, their meaning, and some guidance on how to take advantage of these energies.

Main Astrological Events in June 2021 and Their Meaning


There are many significant astrological events coming up this month!

June 3: Venus in Cancer (until June 28)

June 3-

Love, beauty, harmony, and affection enhance family life. Listen more carefully to what your loved ones have to say!

This is a great time to create a more stable and comfortable home environment and review personal & family budgets and finances. This period is good for Real estate investments.

Clients might be more sensitive about family issues and focus more on relationships & domestic life.

Strongly felt by those with emphasized Cancer energy in their birth chart.

June 4-6: Mars opposition Pluto


Be careful! It is a short one, only a 3-day transit but it is quite powerful and intense! Possible stressful situations, tension, conflicts, and hurt feelings. Avoid arguments, do not rush, drive safely, be very patient.

June 10: New Moon in Gemini Annular Solar Eclipse

june 10

Good for starting new projects related to writing, publishing, giving presentations, speaking, and signing contracts. Those with strong Gemini energy in their chart would benefit the most from this lunar phase.

Relationships with siblings will be emphasized.

Solar Eclipse:

solar eclipse

June 12: Mars in Leo (until the end of July)

This transit triggers desires to express and impress, to shine in something never done before and gain recognition for it. New creative projects are favoured at this time as well as the passionate pursuit of personal achievements.

Clients might be more decisive, assertive, willing to take action and validate self-worth.

June 14: Saturn Square Uranus (exact, 90’ challenging aspect)
The most important astrological aspect in 2021

june 14
Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius makes the second of three exact squares (90’ angle) with Uranus in Taurus.

The square between these two planets is the most significant and impactful astrological aspect in 2021 and requires special attention.

These two major Cosmic influences represent very different, conflicting forces. Here is an introduction to their meaning and influence:


It is obvious that these energies are quite incompatible – conservative Saturn wants to preserve the status quo whereas rebellious Uranus propagates radical change, unconventional ideas, and liberation.

Saturn is all things old, traditional, mature, authoritarian, established, hierarchical.

Uranus is all about young, innovative, progressive, scientific, high-tech, uncommon, egalitarian.

Let’s look at their current placements:

Saturn in Aquarius brings some order in the Uranian realm (Uranus rules Aquarius, Saturn used to be the traditional ruler until the discovery of Uranus, around the time of the Industrial revolution).

Uranus, however, is not very comfortable in the most grounded of the signs – Taurus!

As an Earth sign Taurus symbolizes material wealth, production, resources and by extension, economy.

Deconstructing the language of Astrology: Uranus (change, revolution) in Taurus (economy) = revolutionized global economy!

The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2020 brought the energy of powerful insight, inspiration, breakthroughs, innovations, and humanitarian spirit to forge a new path for all of us, as a unique opportunity to improve our lives, individually and collectively!

The time has come for new understanding, expansion of consciousness at a global level, and a better use of technology for the greater good! And hopefully, for more recognition of the value of Astrology too (ruled by Uranus)!

The square between Saturn and Uranus in Taurus is there to remind us that money is energy and of the need to reassess our values and decide what really matters.

The focus goes on how we use resources, how we produce and consume, and naturally calls for more maturity, discipline, and responsibility.

Gift economy and collaborative work for prosperity are expressions of Uranus in Taurus. This energy is a great reminder for all of us to live in harmony with one another and the planet – our beautiful home, Mother Earth!!

mother earth

The Saturn/Uranus squares will strongly influence our lives throughout 2021 (last one coming up in December).

The Covid crisis reflects the intense cosmic events that have been taking place in the past couple of years, involving Saturn Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter.

The message of all these powerful astrological configurations we have experienced recently is very clear: a profound change has occurred at a global level and the world will never be the same!

These shifts are challenging on many levels: economies, healthcare systems, various industries, social life, education etc. have all been negatively impacted since last year.
But crisis also means opportunity, therefore we are called at this time to unite for the right cause and work together for a better future!

Naturally, this is a perfect time for Coaches Changemakers to work for the betterment of humanity by helping as many people as possible on their journey of healing, awakening and personal growth.

Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

Try new approaches, new modalities, and ways of working. Break the mould of restrictive patterns (Saturn) that are no longer serving you but keep the solid foundations and structure of what is working well, that’s Saturn too! Experiment and have the courage to be different! That is the spirit of Uranus!

June 21: Summer Solstice – marks the Sun’s journey along the tropic of Cancer

While the Sun is in the Lunar realm (the Sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon) the masculine and feminine archetypal energies – animus & anima, are activated to create and unite, to bring opposites together.

This opens the way for the full expression of the Solar archetype as a symbol of higher consciousness and a life force.
Astrologically and spiritually the Summer Solstice ignites the inner light, brings vital energy and inspiration for renewal, with the start of the new season.

The Summer Solstice this year will take place on June 21, 2021, at 3:32 UTC.

Learn more about the astronomy of the Equinoxes and Solstices here.


June 22-Oct 16: Jupiter Retrograde (through Pisces and Aquarius)

June 22Focus on expanding the inner horizons, look within and work on developing personal wisdom.

Possible cognitive dissonance and confusion caused by the discovery of various truths about religion, spirituality, and philosophy. Practice compassion, while remaining objective.

It is a good time to help clients understand well alternative approaches in coaching, counselling, and therapy.

Also, find a way to reconcile opposing views and opinions.

Most influenced would be those with strong Sagittarian placements in their birth chart.

June 24: Mercury goes Direct

june 24

No more disrupted communication, lost messages, and delayed correspondence.

June 24: Full Moon in Capricorn

full moon

Time to do the business ‘homework’ (Moon=home, Capricorn = work), assess the results of dedicated efforts and tie loose ends. Career path, organization, structure and leadership style require attention.

Tasks and projects have to be brought to completion.
For business owners, this is a good time to have a CEO day.

Review your goals and accomplishments and develop strategies to build even more supportive and nurturing relationships with clients.

June 27: Neptune R

june 27

The Master of Illusions is going Retrograde until December.

The process of Neptune is to idealize, rescue victims, transcend, sacrifice, mystify, imagine.

Lucid dreams and visions are possible during this cycle.

Pay attention to subtlety, indirect messages, hidden clues. Beware of deceptions and illusions.

Focus on helping clients disconfirm self-limiting beliefs about being a helpless victim of circumstances and encourage them to create healthy emotional boundaries.

Those with emphasized Piscean energy in their chart would feel this transit the most.

June 28: Venus in Leo (until July 22)

June 28

Love is in the air! Possible new romantic relationships, artistic inspiration, increased creativity.

This influence brings the desire to be generous and make grand gestures. Carefully manage your finances and consult an expert before making big investments.

Clients might be preoccupied with relationship drama and a strong need for approval and acknowledgement from partners and associates.

Wishing you inspiration and success! Happy June!!


For an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart from a psychological perspective and guidance on your individual life path, for growth and success please book a Free Discovery Call here.

Embrace Your Beautiful Uniqueness!

Love & warm wishes,
Angelika Matev, CPA, MA
Inner Guide Astrology

Angelika Matev

Angelika Matev

Angelika Matev is a Certified Psychological Astrologer & Life Transformation Coach, with extensive experience. She helps her clients reconnect with their authentic Self, overcome life challenges, and achieve lasting transformation, using a unique combination of Astrology, Psychology & Advanced Coaching.

Angelika Matev LLC, Inner Guide Astrology

Angelika Matev

Angelika Matev

Angelika Matev is a Certified Psychological Astrologer & Life Transformation Coach, with extensive experience. She helps her clients reconnect with their authentic Self, overcome life challenges, and achieve lasting transformation, using a unique combination of Astrology, Psychology & Advanced Coaching.

Angelika Matev LLC, Inner Guide Astrology

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    I am totally feeling the Saturn Square Uranus!

    1. Angelika+Matev

      Thanks, Benay! Yes, it affects all of us but it’s even more strongly felt by those with emphasized Aquarius and Capricorn energies in their charts and by Taurus too! There’s a lot to learn from this astrological event!

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