Today I Bought a Lounge

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So what, you might ask. Well, it was a HUGE achievement and marked a milestone in just how far I’ve come in my soul’s progression.

How so? I was 18 when I purchased my first lounge. It was the beginning of my first year at uni. I walked into a funky retro second-hand warehouse and saw her. She was BEAUTIFUL and for $80 there was no thought required. She was mine.

My second lounge purchase around 10 years later took me a little over 12 months to manifest! My only explanation is that over time, I must have somehow been affected by trend, money or fashion. Interestingly, I had just started working as a real estate agent and deemed it necessary to sell my Kombi van, get a fancy car and take ‘responsibility’ for the financial side of my life. I had also started a new relationship that was supporting my thought of nesting down into comfort and security.

Today_I_Bought_a_LoungeWe were manifesting our ‘dream life’ as self-proclaimed emerging adults therefore, this LOUNGE needed to fit the criteria of a couple ‘doing well’ and ‘in love’. How bizarre!
And so it went. Every weekend involved the arduous and labour-intensive search for this perfect lounge. For some reason, nothing took our fancy. OR, if I liked it, he did not. OR, it was way too expensive OR too cheap looking. The whole lounge purchase became a bigger fiasco than is normal. Something was wrong with my law of attraction. I’d lost my usually immediate knowing sense of things about who I was and what I liked and felt lost in a sea of furniture stores.

Fast forward to just a few years ago when a dear friend observed how anxious I became at the thought of making my own decisions when it came to decorating my new home. And so, rather than rush in and do it for me, he consciously held the space OPEN and invited me to tune into what MY style was.

What colours did I resonate with? Was I traditional, modern or a bit shabby chic? Was I masculine or feminine, light or dark? WHO AM I? What do I resonate with and most importantly, how did it make me feel? And there it was. Already very attuned to his sense of style in fashion and beautiful spaces, my friend could sense my ungroundedness to these aspects of myself. And with a few confronting questions, my measuring stick in life was revealed to me. And it was so simple. I just needed to ask myself how it made me FEEL!

What was the problem anyway?

Ultimately, TRUST was lacking, also CONFIDENCE in my own decisions, and these were sitting alongside my FEAR OF GETTING IT WRONG. But more importantly, I was not connecting to my feeling body.mediationAnd here is the lesson. Our SPECIFIC FREQUENCY comes from our feeling body. Or another way of looking at it, SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES are the signals, vibrations and energy which radiate FROM our physical body.

Like a radio station sometimes we are tuned in, sometimes there is static, sometimes there is no station there at all. Occasionally, we are resonating at the frequency of fear and periodic doubt, sometimes excitement and, if we have a good day, balance and love.

The frequency of our soul will determine EVERY choice we make in the MOMENT we are making the decision. The science of specific frequency is otherwise known as our law of attraction and it is this outplay of our lives that mirrors itself back to our soul like a movie. It is always governed by the vibration we were resonating with at the time of making the decision or taking action.

From entering a new relationship to choosing a new car, the resonance of food we purchase, grow and eat, to the quality of the wine, it’s all about frequency. Mutual attraction is simply two souls resonating at the SAME specific frequency and co-dependence is often governed by two people who have similar wounding.

So how do I become MORE ALIGNED to my own specific frequency? TRUST what feels GOOD. It’s all about the feeling. Notice your body reactions. Are you drawn magnetically? Does it feed or activate your energy system? Or do you feel exhausted? Or are you neutral?

An IMMEDIATE attraction indicates a frequency alignment. No thoughts are required. This person, place or thing will just feel RIGHT. It will flow naturally. It will be good disguised as GOD.

It will feel like … me.

And yours will feel like … you.

What else has a frequency?

The earth, your soul, art, food, viruses, animals, nature, music, key signatures, clothing, intentions, emotions and just about anything, actually.

Fear as frequency

To understand fear as simply a frequency is GOLDEN.

When you UNconsciously RESONATE fear in your body and mind, you will ATTRACT an event, problem or situation that resonates with your already fear-based frequency.
lotus flower

So your practice now is to become the witness and gatekeeper of your OWN frequency and NOTICE when you are resonating fear.

Call yourself OUT on this frequency, not as being wrong but as needing your attention and love.

BE WITH your frequency of fear just long enough for it to pass and move on. Don’t make up stories or emotionally buy into what you hear on TV. Just identify your fear as directly a frequency and be with it. Then move into the next decision or action when your loving alignment to your more balanced frequency has returned.

At the time of writing, we have just gone into lockdown due to the coronavirus. In order to maintain my own specific frequency and share that with you guys, I need to consciously process my fear when it arises. Sometimes it takes a day, and sometimes just a few seconds.

I expect I will be afraid on and off until this movement of global awakening has fully erupted. But I’m OK with that. I am no longer afraid of being afraid.

I control my own specific frequency, but that does NOT happen through the denial of emotions. It is the outcome of practising total acceptance of what’s in my energetic field. I can speed up the process by GIVING THANKS to my experience and what it is showing me about myself and, finally, the knowledge of how to lovingly be with the distortion until it clears.

So today, I bought a lounge.

I set my intent in the morning.

I followed my own will.

I let go and found the lounge that made me happy.

My soul is beginning to recognise and trust the moment.

It took two hours!


What activates your SPECIFIC FREQUENCY?

  • Music?…….. (genres or artists)
  • Style?…… (I’m a bit French boho with a splash of the Hamptons)
  • Food?…… (organic where possible)
  • Booze?…… (very, very, very GOOD Tasmanian pinot!)
  • Fashion? (happiest in my farm overalls)
  • People? (people who are curious like me!)

Leave a comment and tell us what activates your specific frequency and keep the conversation going!

Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears

In all of my work, my intention is to help people find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever-increasing pace.
Gratitude is the Beginning…

Melanie Spears

Melanie Spears

In all of my work, my intention is to help people find the inspiration to stop, smell the roses, and take stock of what is truly important, in a world that appears to be turning in an ever-increasing pace.
Gratitude is the Beginning…


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