Ways to Create Social Media Engagement with Heart

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A question is asked all the time – how does one get more engagement on social media? People want to know what and how to post to get others to engage with their content. This is difficult to answer because each platform has a different audience and use. While it is beneficial to research them to see if you can benefit from the audience those platforms attract, the one thing that is consistent across the board is the want for real engagement. Below we will discuss some ways to get engagement with heart on your posts.

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Post What Your Audience Wants to See

The first thing to remember is that you do not consume your content, other people do, so it needs to be tailored to them. You can play with different posting styles until you find the style of content where your audience truly resonates. When you find this style you need to explore the different ways you can use it to connect with your audience. These ways include video, images, microblogs, etc. Test out the strategy of posting styles to keep it fresh yet familiar to your audience. When your audience is familiar and comfortable with your content then that is when the real and consistent engagement will begin.


Give Calls to Action

The next thing to remember is that you need a call to action in your post. If you don’t invite your people to engage with you they probably won’t do it naturally. Let the audience know what you would like to see by asking a question that you need to be answered. This is also a way to evolve your audience in your posts and brand.

The audience will feel that they are a part of the decision-making process and they will be more vested to be involved in the program or offer that you present. You can mix up the types of calls-to-action you use. Sometimes it can be a soft ask like, “Comment YES below if this resonated with you.” Sometimes it can be a hard ask like, “Click the link in my bio to buy my new book.” Either way, the audience is aware of the intention of the post and can ask accordingly. If you don’t give a call to action on your posts, then you should not be surprised that the engagement isn’t there.

Respond to Comments

The next thing to remember is to respond to the comments you receive. If you posted a comment on a post, you would want a response and so does your audience. At least like the comments so they know you saw them then go back later and respond as needed. This keeps the two-way engagement going and it opens the door for others to feel comfortable to post comments as well. People watch the comments to see if you will respond before they take the time to post. You may have some people that will post regardless but make it a welcome space to post by engaging back and connecting with your audience.


Be Consistent

Your audience comes to your profile for a reason so be consistent with your content theme. When you suddenly change things up without letting your audience know, it can kill the engagement and the vibe of your content. You owe it to your audience to let them know if you are going to make major changes. Changing the way you post to see the reaction is one thing but changing your content altogether is another. If you want to have a brand and a following then you have to be consistent with the content you provide.

These are some of the main things I personally did to create an engaging audience. After a certain point, you know when your audience has changed and when you need to shake things up a bit. The goal is to know your audience enough to know what they need and how they need it. Don’t be afraid to try something new and fresh that will elevate your content and engagement to the next level because your current audience deserves it. Try some of these ways I mentioned and let me know which one works for you!

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer | Helping you "Create a Demand for Your Supply" using Social Media and Technology


Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer | Helping you "Create a Demand for Your Supply" using Social Media and Technology


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  1. Pangeline Edwards

    I built my social media following by using many of your suggestions. I commented, liked, responded, and lastly I did a call to action. The growth was great and then I reached a plateau. I tried new things to continue momentum but soon realized my audience wanted what they were familiar with. I am still looking for new ways and ideas to grow my audience and for now have taken a step back to brainstorm. Your article certainly have given me a good reminder it’s time to try something new and fresh.

    1. Dr.+Aikyna+Finch

      Thank you so much for your comment. Please let me know what you come up with after your refresh.

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