Why I am Grateful to Be a Coach

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In 2014, I was introduced to the world of coaching through a friend. He told me that what I do for my students, I could do for the world through the skills of coaching. I was interested in what he was saying and I signed up for the program he was taking and the rest is history.

The Perfect Fit

Through the skills and information I learned, I found a new piece of me. I realized that I was a natural to the coaching experience. Each time that I coached, I would feel my skills and knowledge grow and as I would receive my feedback from my coach trainer I would make the changes and I would expand in my craft. I knew from the first class I was built to be a coach and that these skills were going to help me change lives.

The Pathway to Being a Coach

The decision that I made in 2014 has changed my life in ways I would have never thought about or dreamed of. I learned about ICF certifications and chapters, both of which would surface a few years later in my coaching career. I also learned about coach training and the importance of doing it correctly. It would also surface later in my coaching career.

Finally, I learned about the coaching business. I learned the what and the why of building a business as well as other ways I could help others with my coaching skills.

But the question is when did the actual coaching start and what did I do to get started?

Even with the training finished, I didn’t go into my coaching practice right away. I had a demanding job that I was in love with so it took most of my time. But in 2016, I realized my true purpose and started coaching. I found a coach to guide me through starting a practice and getting all the paperwork in order and then I got my first client.

heart in hand

Exploring the Possibilities

I am thankful for that experience because I realized I loved life coaching but tech coaching would get me the business. From 2017 to 2019 my social media coaching and speaking blew up and I loved every minute of it. It taught me about people and their personalities, something that can sink your business if you don’t have tough skin and you don’t know your worth. I am grateful for that experience because I know who I am as a coach and as a business owner.

Now I have a woman-certified owned business with corporate and private clients, I travel, write, teach and speak on the topics of technology and motivation, and I am a podcaster and live streamer where I inform and empower others to do the same.

Coaching has opened my eyes to possibilities not just for others but for myself. I get to work with amazing people and guide them to their next level.

I get to serve on the board of the International Coaching Federation Tennessee Chapter(ICFTN) where I get to inform and educate other coaches.
I get to train coaches at my university as they get their coach certifications.

These are some of the reasons why I am thankful for being a coach! I am grateful that coaching brought me purpose, power, and peace in my life and I know it has done the same for others.

Explore the possibilities and see where you end up in life and business!

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer | Helping you "Create a Demand for Your Supply" using Social Media and Technology


Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer | Helping you "Create a Demand for Your Supply" using Social Media and Technology


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